Review – Qaou Beluga Modular Tent, Hammock & Shelter

Qaou Adventure Beluga Modular Tent
I have been searching for the perfect bikepacking shelter. Is it a tent, a tarp, a hammock, or a shelter? The truth is that any one of these could be the ideal bikepacking shelter choice, depending on the conditions that you are camping in.

In sweltering summer heat, a hammock or inner tent only might be the best solution. For a fast pitch, a shelter or tarp may suffice as protection from the elements. Then, in more severe conditions, a fully clad two-layer tent (ideally with a porch to stow your kit) would be the best solution.

The Adventure Beluga is a new style of modular shelter from the French brand Qaou Outdoor, which offers an incredibly versatile and adaptable tent—capable of being all the above named variations, without compromise.

In the package you receive an inner tent, plus two outer material layers, pegs, poles, and a hammock hanging system. Here is what it can create:

1) All-weather tent with porch: zip the two outer layers together, use the inner tent and poles, and create a tent with an extended porch. 
Weight: 2.4kg

2) Summer weight tent: use one of the outer layers to drape over the inner poled tent and create a lightweight waterproof cover. 
Weight: 1.9kg

3) Covered hammock: Use the two outer parts and the hammock hanging kit to make a single hammock with a waterproof cover. 
Weight: 1kg

4) Tarp: Zip the two outer parts together and create a tarp between two trees using the hammock hanging kit. 
Weight: 1kg

5) Shelter: Use a single hammock and the pole kit to create a single person beach shelter. 
Weight: 900g 

6) Hammock: The Adventure Beluga comes with two hammocks and a hanging kit. 
Weight: 500g (single hammock)

The Adventure Beluga is named after the Beluga whale—a beautiful mammal that has ghost white skin. This natural look alludes to the eco-conscious natural design of the tent; it is made from 100 percent recycled plastic, un-dyed and unbleached to avoid toxic products. The aluminium poles are also anodised in an environmentally responsible way to help further reduce the impact of this carbon-conscious tent.

The quality and ease of use of the Qaou Adventure Beluga is superb. Each set-up is fast to pitch and has performed admirably in a variety of weather conditions that I have tested it in. Features such as the through-ventilation windows on the inner tent, the tensioning bands on the outer shell, and even the strong anodised pegs demonstrate the excellent design process and testing that the Qaou team has put into the creation of the Beluga.

This package is versatile, excellently made, and could be the last bikepacking camping solution you ever buy. It is certainly well worth checking out.

Qaou Adventure Beluga Modular Tent

Qaou Adventure Beluga Modular Tent

Qaou Adventure Beluga Modular Tent

Qaou Adventure Beluga Modular Tent

Qaou Adventure Beluga Modular Tent

Qaou Adventure Beluga Modular Tent

Qaou Adventure Beluga Modular Tent

Qaou Adventure Beluga Modular Tent 1


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