Review – PNW Components PEBBLE Tool Multi-tool

PEBBLE TOOL PNW Components Review
PNW Components have developed a reputation for producing premium quality bike components, without the sky-high price tags. Their business model is based on years of experience in the bike trade; working directly with manufacturers to keep costs down, and constantly refining and developing their products to stay ahead of the game.

The PEBBLE Tool from PNW is a pocket-sized multitool, which isn't much bigger than your pinky finger. The 50 gram package features the bare necessities to get you back riding when you need to do some trail-side repairs.

The anodised smooth external plates house a Dynaplug® tubeless repair plug tool; 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm Hex wrenches; and a T25 Torx (hidden under Dynaplug® accessory). The tool selection should cover most eventualities and loose bolts on a road or mountain bike repair. 

Great to use, thanks to its smooth feel and lightweight nature; the Pebble's tool bits are perfectly machined for a good fit in bolt heads time after time. When a puncture does strike, the Dynaplug® is an invaluable tool to help seal those spitting tubeless holes, and it can be easily replaced with a selection of Dynaplug® models. 

Lightweight, beautifully made, and fantastic to use. The PEBBLE has been a great introduction to the PNW Components brand for me. 

PNW Components PEBBLE Tool Multi-tool

PEBBLE TOOL PNW Components Review

Disclaimer: PNW Components supplied a Pebble Tool for test and review here on


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