Review – Veloforte Nutrition Bars, Drinks, Gels & Chews

Review Veloforte Nutrition Bars Drinks Gels Chews
I first tasted and reviewed Veloforte bars here on Life In The Saddle, back in April 2018 – they were an instant hit. After meeting members of the ever-growing Veloforte team this summer, I was eager to try out their new extended range of bars, drinks, gels and energy chews.

Veloforte Natural Energy and Protein Bars 

The Veloforte energy bars are where it all started. Based on Panforte – the Italian traditional Christmas dessert – these bars are a similar chewy sweet treat, packed full of fruit, nut and spices. Christmas cake has always been one of my favourite ride energy snacks, and these wholesome handmade bars bring a similar refreshing taste and energy boost to your everyday ride.

The complete range is comprised of seven bars: all branded as 'energy bars', but with the Mocha and Forza versions also delivering an impressive 10-12 grams of protein (so they might also be classified as protein recovery bars). The flavours range from the tangy Classico with its apricots and almonds, to the punchy Mocha with coffee and cocoa; all the bars are completely natural and taste fantastic. My personal favourites are Di Bosco and Avanti – for their rich fruit and nut combinations.

Review Veloforte Nutrition Bars Drinks Gels Chews

Veloforte Natural Energy Gels 

Following on the theme of natural energy, Veloforte has produced four 100% natural energy gels that combine fruit extract with electrolytes to aid energy and hydration levels. The Doppio energy gel also contains natural coffee extract for a caffeine boost. 

These are some of the best tasting energy gels I have used to date, and do not have the synthetic gloopy texture of their glucose syrup filled competitors. Tasty natural energy that gives you an impressive boost.

Review Veloforte Nutrition Bars Drinks Gels Chews

Veloforte Natural Energy Chews

Veloforte have taken fruit jelly to a whole new level. When I first started out in endurance sport, I would often have a pack of Robinson's Fruit Jelly stashed in my pack for instant back-up fuel, or a bag of Jelly Babies to munch on throughout a ride. Veloforte Energy Chews offer a similar sugar boost, but from natural ingredients – available in four great flavours.

Made with real fruit juices and natural electrolytes, these tasty chews are ideal to stash in a jersey pocket and can be digested with ease when you need that extra energy boost. 

Review Veloforte Nutrition Bars Drinks Gels Chews

Veloforte Natural Energy Drinks

Last, but not lease, Veloforte have branched out into the world of energy and recovery drinks, with natural vegan protein shakes and electrolyte drinks.

The electrolyte drinks were the real winner for me here. The low sugar drinks have a subtle natural taste and a refreshing flavour – encouraging you to drink more and stay hydrated. 

Review Veloforte Nutrition Bars Drinks Gels Chews

Disclaimer: Veloforte supplied a range of bars, drinks, gels and chews for test and review


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