Review - Veloforte Energy Bars

Review Veloforte Energy Bars
I have always been a huge fan of taking slices of Christmas cake as festive ride fuel: that mix of candid fruit, dates, nuts, honey and spices; it is sublime, and one of the best things about the Festive 500. UK brand Veloforte have taken those ingredients, and made individual 100% natural energy bars with a similarly superb taste and texture. They were always going to win me over...

Veloforte Di Bosco - a mix of red berries, almonds and pistachio nuts
Veloforte Classico - a mix of citrus fruits, almonds and honey
Veloforte Ciocco - a mix of dates, almonds and cocoa

Three flavours, all delicious in their own right. All made from simple, natural whole-foods.

Most of the bars have less than a dozen ingredients, and all of those I can pronounce and have heard of; that's not something that I can say for a lot of energy bars out there. It is both reassuring to the mind, and far better for your health. Pumping yourself full of preservatives was never how our ancestors did it.

This is natural fuel: familiar flavours in a compact and easy to eat bar.

I enjoyed the first Veloforte bar that I tried so much that I took another one on the #BlackForest400, and have subsequently ordered a whole box.

These are well worth trying. Fuel Better.

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