Review - Rock N Roll Chain Lubes and Bike Cleaner

I have been testing out a collection of lubricants from Rock N Roll Lubrication: The Extreme LV, Gold LV and Absolute Dry Lubes, as well as the Cable Magic lubricant. To help clean up post-ride, I have also been using the Rock N Roll Miracle Red Cleaner. Here's the low-down...

Rock N Roll Chain Lubes

First, it is worth saying that Rock N Roll lubes are quite specific about how you apply them to the chain: You put the chain in the big chainring, and the smallest sprocket on the cassette; then you apply the lube as a flow (not a drip) to the chain on the point of curvature on the cassette. You can't put too much on. The point of application, and the unique 'carrier' within the lubricant allows it to penetrate deep into the chain links.

The Rock N Roll lubes are also branded as a chain 'cleaner' as well as a lubricant: so when you then come to wipe the chain off (to get rid of excess lube), you are cleaning the links without removing the lubricant deep inside the rollers. It is then best to leave the chain (preferably overnight) before riding, so that the 'carrier' evaporates, and leaves a dry surface.

It is a unique process, but it seems to get results. Although I would say it worked best applying 2-3 separate applications of lubricant (waiting for each to dry before applying the next), if you have thoroughly degreased the chain.

Rock N Roll Extreme LV Chain Lube

The Extreme LV Chain Lube from Rock N Roll is designed for mountain bikers and cyclocross riders; it has a higher viscosity, and more of a wet lube consistency; made to endure hours of spray and mud.

I used the lubricant a lot during the weeks of snow and ice that hit the UK in February, and it seemed to deal admirably with my solo marathons through the snow on the cyclocross bike.

Unlike some wet lubes, the Extreme LV Chain Lube doesn't leave a sticky or gloopy coating on the chain. That lubrication is all contained within the rollers. Instead, the chain appears relatively clean and dry, while still running smooth and silent (see image below).

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Rock N Roll Absolute Dry Chain Lube

Absolute Dry Lube is made for road cyclists. The thinking is that whereas mountain bikers are typically throwing mud and water at their chains, road cyclists are kicking up brake dust and finer particles, so it makes sense to have a drier surface on the chain, to avoid particulate build up.

You apply Absolute Dry in the same way as Extreme, but you will notice when you return to the bike the following morning, the surface of the chain is drier still.

I used the Rock N Roll Absolute Dry Chain Lube on my road bike for several rides in Mallorca early this spring. On long rides, even in some damp conditions, the lubricant seemed to keep the chain running smooth. It did seem to be notably less resilient in damp conditions, but in the dry it kept the chain good for 7+ hours.

Shop the Rock N Roll Absolute Dry Chain Lube here

Rock N Roll Gold LV Chain Lube

The Rock N Roll Gold LV Chain Lube is more expensive than the other two, but it is designed to give the best of both worlds, for both road and mountain bikes.

I'm not quite sure how they managed to reach a medium between a 'dry' and a 'wet' lube, but it seems to work. The lube performed well in both conditions, and even adopting Rock N Roll's suggested policy of "wipe after ever ride, even if you're not re-applying" kept the chain clean and shining for a double-digit number of springtime rides.

Shop the Rock N Roll Gold LV Chain Lube here

Rock N Roll Cable Magic

The Rock N Roll Cable Magic is a wax based lubricant, which is designed to coat the cable and improve shifting performance. You can either drip it onto the cable inner where it comes out of the outer sections, or apply a little to a rag and run the inner through it when you are assembling the drivetrain.

The lubricant does seem to improve the smoothness of shifting; and helps to avoid sticky cables caused by friction build-up. It is not dissimilar to using a PTFE based lubricant, but seems to last longer.

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review rock and roll chain lubes

Rock N Roll Miracle Red Cleaning Spray

Bike cleaning is just as important as lubricating, and the Miracle Red Spray from Rock N Roll lubes is designed to be a universal cleaner, which is good for cleaning everything from your drivetrain, to your white overshoes and tights.

The cleaner comes in a full sized bottle, but contains a concentrate that is only 1/4 or so of the bottle's space - you top it up with water. That makes a lot of sense, as water is expensive to ship.

The cleaner seems effective at removing grit and grime from the frame and components, but not quite as aggressive as some dedicated degreasers that I would choose for drivetrain cleaning (using the cleaner un-diluted may be better for this, but I was too hasty in topping up the bottle with water).

I did also try using the cleaner as a pre-wash spray for some hi-vis yellow overshoes that had got rather grimy, and it worked a treat.

This is effectively an all-purpose cleaner, that is useful to have in your bike washing and laundry arsenal. A clean bike and kit is definitely the pro look.

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