Review – Oladance Open Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Open ear headphones are safer for cycling, running and other outdoor sports; as well as being better for your hearing, balance and comfort. I have been using open ear headphones from Shokz for many years, but was interested to try out this new release from Oladance – the 'Open Ear Stereo System'.

Unlike traditional in-ear headphones, Oladance features a completely open-ear design that rests gently and securely on top of your ear and stays in place thanks to their weighted rear – the design of Oladance open earbuds received the Red Dot Award in 2022. There are no tips on this headphone design, so they will never go into your ear; providing a safer and more comfortable option than earbuds, for endless hours of wear.

The Oladance open ear headphones uses a multi-point support system that spreads the weight of the earbuds evenly across your ear; they fit the natural curve of your ear to provide a comfortable and reassuringly secure fit, whether you are cycling, running or travelling around in everyday life. I was a little unsure how secure the Oladance headphones would be compared to the headband design of the Shokz headphones; but they are impressively stable and do not interfere with your helmet retention system as the Aftershokz headphone band can do occasionally.

The Oladance headphones use two powerful 16.5mm drivers (three times the size of Apple Airpods) to deliver a brilliant sound quality and acoustic. The quality does seem to be better than bone conduction headphones, and offers a rich and consistent listening experience even at a relatively low volume level.

Connectivity comes through Bluetooth 5.2, for reliable and consistent connectivity. Calls using the inbuilt microphone are clear and reliable. Charging is done through the supplied USB-C cable and case, and takes about two hours – delivering an impressive 16 hours of use per full battery charge.

Finally, smart touch controls allow you to control music, calls, volume and use voice recognition. The touch buttons are a slightly less easy to use than on Shokz headphones, but you can still operate them with gloves.

Overall, the Oladance Open Ear Stereo Headphones are impressive. They offer superb sound quality and a comfortable and secure fit, even when worn underneath a skull cap, with a helmet or with sunglasses. They offer great longevity of battery life, and they seem to be robustly made and built to last. A superb option for cycling, running and general outdoor life.

Disclaimer: Oladance supplied a pair of Oladance Open Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphones for test and review


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