Kit Care – Extending the Life of Your Kit With a Dehumidifier

Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier Review

We invest thousands of pounds into our outdoor equipment and apparel, and spend hours researching the best options to keep us comfortable, safe and fast. But, post purchase, do we invest enough time and care into looking after these investments?

I am normally quite fastidious at keeping my kit clean and organised, helping it to last as long as possible and avoid premature replacement. In this pursuit, there are some tips and tricks that I have learnt through trial and error over the years.

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of both hardware and clothing. Putting equipment into storage just slightly damp is a recipe for mildew, rust and bacterial growth. From bikes to waterproof jackets, gloves to rucksacks; I have made the expensive mistake of stashing these items damp and slightly dirty, to come back a month later and find them ruined. So, what can you do?

Clean It Quick

Keeping kit clean is the first step. Read some of my previous posts such as 'Re-waterproofing and Restoring Waterproof Jackets' and 'How to Clean and Cure Smelly Cycling Shoes' for more specific guides to cleaning specific equipment. Whether bib shorts or bikes, it pays to get them as clean as possible, as soon as possible after you ride; doing so will reduce the chance of bacteria growth and fabric decomposition.

Dry It Out

Getting everything 'cupboard dry' is the next step to good kit care. This can be harder than it sounds when you are storing your bike in an unheated garage, and you can't dry your expensive apparel in a tumble drier when the weather isn't good for line drying. In the wet months of the year, a compact dehumidifier becomes a great friend…

The Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier

This winter I invested in a Meaco compact dehumidifier, and put simply it has been a game changer. This quiet little unit can be placed in a room with a wet bike or kit for a few hours, and it will thoroughly dry it out, so it can be safely stored.

Gone are the days of rusty bolts, and airers left around the house adjourned with slow drying clothing. Once cleaned, your kit can be dried and stowed away within hours, so you are ready for your next adventure.

The Meaco DD8L has varying fan settings and can be programmed to automatically switch off (or switch on) when a certain humidity level is reached; helping to save energy and excessive use. It is a desiccant dehumidifier, which means it heats the air during the process of extracting moisture; this is preferable for colder spaces, making it ideal for garages or sheds. The unit also has an ioniser, which helps to reduce the particulate matter in the air, great for those that struggle with allergies. 

The Meaco DD8L is one of the bestselling small dehumidifiers in the UK, with good reason – it has been a trusted companion of mine through recent record breaking wet months.


Making your cycling kit and equipment last as long as possible is better for both your wallet and the planet. Two basic steps to this are cleaning and drying, as soon as possible after use. I recommend investing in some dedicated cleaning kit and routines (see these previous posts), and investing into a compact dehumidifier to make the process as smooth and fast as possible.

Disclaimer: Meaco UK supplied Life In The Saddle with a DD8L Dehumidifier unit for test and review


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