Review – CYCPLUS AS2 Pro Max Electric Pocket Bike Pump

CYCPLUS electric bike pump reviewThe world is going electric. There are no two ways about it, electronic gadgets have been making our lives easier and faster for years, and the power of electric shows little sign of slowing up in a hurry.

The new AS2 Pro Max Electronic Bike Pump from CYCPLUS is a neat little gadget that takes the hard work and frustration out of inflating your bike tyres, while being small enough it could fit in a jersey pocket. I have been testing it out, here is my review…

The AS2 Pro Max is the first handheld electric bike pump I have come across to date. I have used bulky compressors and handheld CO2 inflators, but this is a reusable handheld electric bike pump that is charged up using a USB-C cable in just one hour, and can quickly inflate or top up tyres on your bike or car.

The AS2 Pro Max is the top of the range model from CYCPLUS, designed to be more powerful and have a greater capacity than its two smaller siblings. It weighs in at 205 grams, and measures 60 x 32 x 81mm in size – small enough to slip into a bag or just about into a jersey pocket.

The AS2 Pro Max fits to either a Presta or Schrader valve, either directly or more easily using the supplied extension hose. You set the pressure on the compact LCD screen, then the brushless pump discharges air into the tyre until the desired figure is reached. It will pump 30 litres of air per minute, and reach a maximum of 120 PSI.

The unit will pump a road bike tyre from 0 to 120 PSI (please don't inflate your tyres that much!) up to four times on a single charge. Or for mountain bikers, it will do a 29 x 2.2 tyre from 0 to 28 PSI around four times. CYCPLUS claim the pump is accurate to +/- 1 PSI.

The AS2 has a robust aluminium alloy casing, and comes with a silicone protective case and a waterproof sack to keep the elements at bay. The waterproof bag is rather flimsy, and I would recommend putting this in an Aquapac style waterproof case if you are taking it out in extreme weather.

Overall, I am impressed by the CYCPLUS AS2 Pro Max. It is compact, lightweight, reliable and fast at inflating road, gravel and mountain bike tyres . Battery life seems good and the construction seems durable. If you are tired of throwing away CO2 canisters or giving yourself friction burns from a tiny hand pump, then this could be the solution for you; although I expect back-of-beyond tourers and adventurers (myself included) will likely stick with a trusted frame pump for their adventures away from mains power supplies.

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CYCPLUS electric bike pump review

CYCPLUS electric bike pump review

CYCPLUS electric bike pump review

Disclaimer: CYCPLUS provided a CYCPLUS AS2 Pro Max for test and review


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