Mini Review: White Mamba Gloves

Back in June, I reviewed the Black Mamba Workshop Gloves and deemed that they were "quite easily the best workshop gloves that I've tried". They last longer and work better than all other disposable gloves I've used for bike maintenance.

However, for bike washing I did find that the Black Mamba gloves could have done with being a bit thicker, and had a tendency to let in water. In the end, I reverted to only using the gloves for maintenance and used kitchen sink (Marigold) gloves for bike washing.

A few months later, I noticed that the firm that produces Black Mamba gloves also produces White Mamba gloves, which are slightly thicker and more resilient to water and detergent use. I've been testing them out...

They work very well, certainly better than the Black Mamba for bike washing. I've used them for repeat bike cleaning sessions and they hold up well to strong detergents and rough use. If there is one slight disappointment, it's that I would like the cuffs to be a bit longer as you can sometimes inadvertently let water slip inside. Apart from this though, these are a great option to keep in any workshop for when winter approaches and weekly bike washing sessions become the norm.


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