Nutrition: Ideas for a Cyclist's Shopping List

Bit of a random post, but here are some ideas for a cyclist's groceries list, perhaps you haven't thought of adding them to your basket before:

  • Green Tea - High in anti-oxidants
  • Cherries - Even higher in anti-oxidants!
  • Avocado - High in anti-inflammatories
  • Low Fat Yoghurt - A good source of recovery protein
  • Eggs - Perfect recovery food (Eating for Recovery Blog)
  • Tinned Beans - Good recovery food
  • Beetroot - The natural EPO!
  • Prawns - Low-fat, high protein
  • Cottage Cheese - Low-fat, high protein
  • Bananas - Obviously! (Alternative Energy Foods Blog)
  • Oranges - Vitamin C - Keep that immune system topped up
  • Brie - Soft cheese is lower fat than hard cheese
  • Wholemeal Flour - Lower GI...keeps you fuelled for longer
  • Brown Rice - Lower GI...keeps you fuelled for longer
  • Coffee - The Life Blood of Cyclists Blog
  • Brioche - Low-fat, high carb energy snack/breakfast
  • Stroop Waffles - Dutch Yumminess (Alternative Energy Foods Blog)
  • Jelly Babies - Instant sugar hit! (Alternative Energy Foods Blog)
  • Porridge Oats - Best breakfast ever! (Alternative Energy Foods Blog)
  • Jumbo Oats - Good for crumbles (Cycling Puddings Blog)
  • Pasta - Carbo-loading! (Beginners Guide to UK Road Racing Blog)
  • Rice - For when you get bored of pasta!
  • Malt Loaf - Low-fat, high-energy snack and on-the-bike food
  • Fruit Loaf - A tasty, toasted, low-fat snack
  • High Energy Flapjack Ingredients (Recipe)


  1. My faves - slow cooked sausage and bean casole
    ...jaffa cakes
    ...corned beef hash (either "cake" or pie form).

  2. Great suggestions! I love cassoulet, it was one of our favourite foods on the France and Spain tour that we did last year. Jaffa cakes are also a good bet - far lower fat than standard biscuits!
    Just followed your blog. Thanks for reading. Tim

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  4. Hi this is great post about Cyclist's Shopping List. Thanks for sharing.


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