Objectives for 2013: In and Out Of The Saddle

Last week I gave a summary of my "2012 Season Objectives: What did I tick off?", it's now time to look forward to 2013 and see what's on the cards, and what I would like to achieve both on and off the bike next year.

On the bike

Objective #1: 1st Cat Road Race Licence
(or maintain 2nd Cat)
On the road, this will be my main objective for next year. I went from 4th to 2nd Category this year and hope to make the big jump up to 1st Cat next year. I realize it will be a big step, and with final year university studies, the prospect of getting a job and other commitments I know it will be a big ask; but it would be amazing to get there, or at very least maintain my 2nd Cat licence. 

Objective #2: Do a hill climb season
After this year's rather poor performance in the BUCS Hill Climb, I'm keen to make amends. I would like something to extend my season a bit, and the hill climb season seems like the perfect fit. I'll aim to put in some specific training and move myself up a level on the climbing front; with the hope of getting some decent results in the bag. 

Objective #3: South Downs Way in one day
This one is carried over from last year; but it would be great to complete it: 100 miles from Beachy Head to Winchester, all off-road over the South Downs. It would be an EPIC ride, and certainly something to add to the story book. 

Objective #4: EPIC Tour MkII
The France and Spain trip in 2011 was seriously awesome, it took a while to realize quite how awesome to be honest. Two of my best mates, three fully loaded road bikes, 1500 miles of riding, through the Alps and the Pyrenees...you don't get much better than that. This year I didn't have anything planned, and I found myself feeling a bit empty as a result. I'm going to try and make sure that in 2013 I saddle-up again with some good friends to do a bit more wild-touring. 

Off the bike

Objective #5: Sponsorship
For 2013 Wightlink Race Team evolves into Wightlink LCM Systems Race Team, as we welcome on-board a new sponsor. That's exciting stuff and I'm looking forward to some flash new kit when I go home in a few weeks time. I would love to get some individual sponsors on board as well though; namely a nutritional sponsor, who could offer me advice and ensure that I am getting the most from my diet. It would be fantastic to have an equipment sponsorship as well, even if it was just a discount on a new bike for the race season. These are both things that I'm looking into and hope to have some kind of development for next year.

Objective #6: New Race Bike
This perhaps isn't so much an objective, as a desire. But after hopefully starting a full-time job next summer I would love to get a new race bike. Names on the cards are Specialized, Cervelo, Felt or Focus. You can never have too many bikes! As I mentioned above, it would be amazing if this one was to come at some kind of discount from a sponsor.

Objective #7: Blog to 150,000 views
This year I went from 3000 views to hopefully around 35,000 by the end of the year. Next year it would be amazing to see that keep rising and perhaps reach 150,000 views. Please keep reading!

Objective #8: A New Job!
I will graduate in around six months time, and hope to use my Economics degree in some sort of marketing role, hopefully within the cycling industry. I'm aiming to stay in the south of England if I can, but I've always enjoyed a bit of travel, so who knows where I might end up...exciting! 

So that's my year planned out...better crack on and try and make some of it happen!


  1. Best of luck with all of your 2013 objectives Tim.....


  2. Tim, good luck with you're goals and I look forward to reading you're blog too.

  3. Thanks Paul, Fellow Brooks fan here as well: http://timwiggins.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/the-brooks-swift.html ;-)

  4. wish i had a blog like this! love it mate!


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