Review: Salice Bolt Helmet

I'm a Salice fan... regular readers of the blog will likely have read my review of the Salice 006 (Link) and the Salice 005 (Link) sunglasses. The brand offers something different to the norm, and I rather like that; a bit of Italian flair in the world of helmets and sunglasses.

I haven't had a Salice helmet to date because to be quite frank I have a large head, and their standardised size would probably not have fitted me. However, just a few weeks ago the company released their classy Bolt helmet in black (with Italian stripes) in a large/XL size. I was quick to lock my sights on it.

Catching your eye is definitely something that the Bolt helmet will do, this is a lid made to stand out from the crowd. The gloss black finish and Italian stripes make it a real head turner. 

Looks aren't everything though, and the Bolt is impressive in other respects as well. The straps are ultra lightweight, with a mesh middle and a comfortable chin pad. The helmet's overall weight is impressively low as well, coming in at 305 grams for my large/XL test model. The adjustable cradle is minimalist, yet effective, and whilst this is very much a "sit on top" helmet, it still feels secure and comfortable. 

The construction quality seems to be high, and although it is practically impossible for me to "test" the protection of this helmet, it passes all the necessary safety tests and covers all the bases in terms of fit and security.

There is a real attention to detail in this design; the real crowning feature of the Salice Bolt for me has to be the little safety light on the rear. This is a really neat feature, and one I hope to see on more helmets. The four LEDs provide a surprisingly powerful output, and significantly increase your visibility to following traffic. This is of course only intended to be a backup light to your main rear light, but it's a great safety feature to have, with virtually no impact on performance.

The Salice Bolt then is a great lid; a mix of style, performance and innovative safety features. If you want a new helmet to add a flash of style to your kit this season, then check out the Salice Bolt.

Available from select distributors, find your closest store at (Link)


  1. Nice ! But I like a helmet with a visor ( like the old Giros, but not so heavy ) for extra protection against sun glare and rain . What do you suggest .


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