Review: Rock 'n' Roll Extreme Chain Lube

Writing a review of lubricants is rarely a particularly exciting topic; either it works, stays put and keeps things working smoothly and quietly; or it is easily washed off, creates a grinding paste and leaves your chain sounding like a cage full of canaries.

I'm pleased to say that the Rock 'n' Roll Extreme Lube is fairly firmly in the former camp. This stuff works, well.

The application of the Rock 'n' Roll lubes is a little unconventional: rather than dripping a small amount on each roller, you cover the chain in lube; applying a layer of lubricant to the whole length both inside and out. You then rotate the chain through a clean rag to wipe of the excess, and in the process clean the chain as well. I was surprised how even after a thorough degrease, there was a significant amount of dirt and grime that came out from inside the chain, as it was replaced by clean lube.

I tested the Extreme Lube on my commuter; a bike that takes some serious abuse from wet weather and grit, day after day. Most lubes will usually last three days at most on this bike at this time of year, before the chain starts to look and sound a bit dry. The Extreme Lube managed four, and could probably have done a few more days on top of that, if the bike hadn't needed cleaning. That's good going by my standards. 

The other impressive thing was how clean the chain stayed; even with the heavy amounts of road debris, there was very little sticking to the outside of the rollers or links, suggesting the lube shreds dirt well and doesn't create a sticky solution like some.

Overall, a very good chain lube that is able to deal with the onslaught of winter riding.


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