Review: Pedros Tools

A good set of tools, whether for the home workshop or for your saddle bag, are one of the best investments you can make as a cyclist. Buy cheap and I can almost guarantee you will have to buy again; and as cheap tools wear out, so too do they often wear out your bolt heads and risk damaging other components.

Buy quality tools, and they may well last a lifetime. Pedros make high-quality tools; in fact they compose a significant portion of my home workshop tool-chest. The distinctive yellow label is a sure fire sign of quality; in this post I take a look at two of their innovative multi-tools and their floor pump...

The Pedros Trixie Singlespeed Multi-tool

I don't own a singlespeed at the moment, but I do own several old style bikes, which tend to utilise bolts and lock rings rather more than their modern siblings. Therefore, I've still found the Trixie a very useful bit of kit. The tool is precision cut out of one piece of metal; making it super strong and durable. The features include a lock ring tool for singlespeed lock rings, a 5mm Allen key, 8, 9, and 10mm box spanners, a 15mm spanner for hub nuts, and of course a bottle opener! 

The tool comes with two wing nut bolts that can be used to affix it to bottle cage bosses. This makes for a neat stowage solution, although to be honest it is minimalist enough that you'll barely notice it in your pocket. 

This is a very nifty little bit of kit, truly hipster and contains pretty much any tool that you might need for a singlespeed or retro-bike roadside repair.

The Pedros Túlio Quick Release Multi-tool

Is it a quick release skewer? Or is it a multitool? It's both! The Túlio is one gadget that could come in very useful if you are forever forgetting to slip you multitool into your pocket. 

The Túlio contains an incredible plethora of tools: Pull out the magnetically retained L-shaped Allen key and you have a 4mm Allen key and a flat head screwdriver. Pull out the rubber bung at the end and you have two spoke wrenches. Put the L-shaped Allen key in the now exposed whole and you have a chain tool. Then at the other end you have a 5, 6, and 8mm Allen key set. That's a pretty impressive package for something that is so small it disguises itself as a quick release lever! 

OK, so you wouldn't want to be constantly using this on a ride for little adjustments, as it is a little bit of an effort to take it off the skewer, and you do have to release the tension on the quick release in the process. However, if you are someone that doesn't want a saddle bag, or to put a multitool in your pocket, then this is an interesting option, and a high quality rear skewer as well! Carry all your emergency tools with you, without even knowing it's there!

The Pedros Domestique Floor Pump

If you don't have a floor pump (also known as a track or stirrup pump), then get one! Seriously, this should be one of the first pieces of cycling kit you invest in, in my opinion. For anyone that has made the switch between pumping up tyres with a small hand-pump, and then doing it with a floor pump, you will know how much easier, more accurate and less time consuming it is.

When you purchase a floor pump it is worth getting a good quality one; like with most tools, a better quality pump is more accurate and will last for longer. The Domestique floor pump from Pedros is definitely a high quality option.

It features a comfortable rubber handle, a strong alloy barrel, a multi-value head and a super sturdy base with an accurate pressure gauge.

The Domestique pump just has a really nice feel to it; it's robust, has a high volume for pumping both road and mountain bike tyres in a short space of time, and is dead easy to use on a multitude of bikes because of the flip-chuck double valve hose.

A well made, classic looking floor pump, which would be at home in any workshop!

Other Pedros Products that are definitely worth noting, and that I have reviewed on the blog before, include the Pedros Green Fizz Bike Wash (Link), and the awesome Pedros Tyre Levers (Link). Both of these products are superb benchmarks in their own categories and well worth a look. 

The yellow label of Pedros is therefore definitely worthy of its association with the Maillot Jaune, and of winning ways; these are products that are built to last and built to perform.

Pedros products are sold at Wiggle Bike Shop (Link)

Pedros products are distributed in the UK by 2Pure (Link)

And for those that don't like yellow... there is always pink as well.


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