Review: Lezyne Phone Wallet

I've tried a lot of phone carrying systems on the bike, I mean a lot. Waterproof sleeves, waterproof boxes, zipped wallets, bubble wrap bags, Aquapacks, plastic bags, and a whole array of other things. All have their merits, most have their disadvantages as well; most common is that they disintegrate or degrade after a few months of daily use. The Lezyne Phone Wallet seems like it might have got the wallet/phone case combo nailed though...

Let's be clear, this isn't a sleek, fully waterproof case that will save your phone in a monsoon (although it will certainly help); but then it isn't designed to be, it's made to be a stash pack for your phone, your cash and your cards when you go out riding. It does that very well indeed.

The Phone Wallet is made of robust ripstop nylon, with a hardened back plate. The phone is kept in a section with a full length water resistant zip, and can be accessed through a clear plastic window underneath a rigid flip-open lid. The lid also doubles as a store for cards, and there is a pocket for cash on the back of the phone section.

In essence, this is a phone case and a wallet in one. The phone storage part works well and the zip and water resistant nylon protects your phone from sweat and rain whilst it's stashed in your jersey pocket. However, I do still put the case inside a small plastic bag if it's really belting it down. 

I take my phone out of the case to use it most of the time as I like to use the camera, but it is easy enough to text through the plastic window on most touch screen phones; this provides a good way of keeping your phone dry when it's raining and you need to send a text. The strong zip also means that taking the phone in and out of the case isn't difficult or a strain on the case itself; something that can't be said for a lot of zipper plastic-wallet style cases, which eventually tire of constant opening and closing.

The card and coin storage is great for cafe stops, and the phone area is actually big enough to stash some extras in such as a sun stick and an A4 map (folded up). 

A cool little carrier for your valuables, which both looks smart and is lasting very well. Super useful.

The Lezyne Phone Wallet is available from Wiggle Bike Shop (Link)
Cash zipper on the Lezyne Phone Wallet
You can still use the phone through the window - at least for texting
Quality water resistant zipper on the Lezyne Phone Wallet
The zippered phone section has enough room for a lip balm and some notes


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