Review: Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed/Cadence Sensor

For most, there is one thing that goes with you on almost every ride... your mobile. That GPS equipped phone could be the best cycling computer that you've ever had; with a good app, be it Wahoo Fitness, Strava or another recording app, you can use your mobile to record a huge amount of data about your rides.

One thing though, that you can't normally record with a phone cycle computer is your cadence; or your speed if you are on an indoor trainer. This is where the new Blue SC Speed/Cadence sensor from Wahoo Fitness comes in...

The Blue SC easily pairs with your phone, with it's own unique bluetooth sync. It's unique because previously if you wanted speed/cadence data on your phone, you needed an ANT+ sensor and then an ANT+ dongle as well. There's no dongle needed here though; the Wahoo App will receive it straight from the sensor through Bluetooth, you can then record your cadence and speed on your iPhone, either for live viewing (the Wahoo Rflkt is awesome for this; review coming soon) or for post-ride analysis. 

Cadence is a key part of training and improving your performance; a higher cadence is far more efficient (up to a point), and it is often something that is only learnt from having the live numbers in front of you. The Blue SC is a superb way of combing cadence into the ride data displayed on your phone.

The build quality of the Blue SC is very good too; it straps onto the chain stay with a strong rubber band (or cable ties), and the neat cadence magnet just slips over the crank arm with a quick removal of the pedal. 

This then is a great new option for those that want to get speed and cadence data relayed directly to their phone app, without the need for an ANT+ dongle.


  1. Shame it isn't available on android? Looks like a good bit of kit, but I'd have to question its purpose in preference to a GPS device. I can see that it is perhaps cheaper... But unless you have a smart phone mount you can't view the data live. And if you are that into number crunching (also improving cadence on the fly), perhaps you would want to wait a bit longer to save money and invest in a GPS device which is capable of cadence measurements, this might save you money in the long run rather than inevitabley buying both over the course of time. Just a thought. Good article :)

    1. It is compatible with some Android Devices (including Nexus 4 and 5) - it just doesn't list it on the packaging for some reason.

  2. Hi Ed, the idea of the Wahoo range is that you combine it with a Wahoo RFLKT like this: (Review coming soon) you then get live data from your phone in your back pocket to a unit on your handlebars. Combine the cost of this with the cost of the Wahoo speed/cadence sensor, and it is still significantly less than most speed/cadence equipped GPS bike computers.


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