Review: TICKR Bluetooth and ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor

I've been testing a number of Wahoo Fitness products over the last week or two, and the TICKR is the third in the trio including the Blue SC Speed/Cadence sensor and the clever RFLKT+ handlebar control unit.

The TICKR heart rate monitor isn't the most revolutionary piece of kit, but it is something that I have been keen to see for a while; a HR strap that you can use with all your devices.

The TICKR is clever because it is both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatible; so you'll get data whether your using your iPhone with an App like Wahoo Fitness, or if your using an ANT+ device like a Garmin. 

Are you likely to need to use both? Well if you use an app on your phone to monitor resting heart rates and running, but you use a Garmin for riding, then it is very useful, and saves having two sensors. 

It's well made too; a theme that seems to be common with the Wahoo products. You get a good quality strap and the sensor itself looks smart and even has little indicator lights to show when it is active and successfully connected via Bluetooth.

Overall, a neat little sensor that will work with pretty much every major fitness monitoring device that you want to it. 


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