Review: MaxiNutrition Promax Lean Shakes and Bars

MaxiNutrition is the new incarnation/combination of MaxiMuscle and MaxiFuel; two iconic brands that provided sports supplements to some of the best athletes in the world. Maximuscle was the most well known brand though, and of the Maxifuel products that I tried, it was the muscular recovery shakes and bars that I was most fond of and found most effective. With the new Maxinutrition Promax Lean range looking like a great option for cyclists then, I was keen to try it out and see how it aided recovery.

Promax was my preferred protein shake when I was rowing (although the price was often an issue as a student); it proved to be the most effective at mass-gain and muscle growth. Promax Lean is a stripped down, low-fat and low-sugar option; which is perfect for a cyclist that is wanting to put on lean muscle without the mass gain.

As has historically been the case, Maxi products follow some of the latest science research. Owned by Glaxo Smith Klein, this is a firm founded in science. Predictably, the Promax Lean products are the height of current research on aiding recovery and muscle growth; containing critical nutrients like Vitamin B5, CLA, Carnitine, Caffeine and of course a mix of high quality proteins.

The latest science then, but does it work?

 I think a real benefit is the low-fat and low-sugar composition of the bars and shakes. A lot of major recovery products are packed full of sugar, which isn't necessary after a hard workout (you're better having a complex carbohydrate). The low-calorie count is also a benefit it you want to recover, whilst also losing weight.

I've used the Promax Lean for a few weeks in place of other recovery products, combined with a healthy and structured diet it seemed to do an effective job of aiding recovery, whilst also dropping fat (I used a body composition scale to monitor progress). It does seem to work then; it aids Lean definition. The caffeine content is also highly effective at stopping you falling asleep at your desk after a hard training session.

Both the bars and the shakes also taste great! A significant added bonus.

The only downfall for some might be the price; these aren't cheap (around £50 RRP for a tub of Promax Lean). However, this is high quality stuff and has noticeable benefits.

I'm looking forward to trying more of the Maxinutrition products; it's appears that they hold all the merits, quality and effectiveness of the Maxifuel products.

Maxinutrition is available from (Link)


  1. Good little review especially because it is linked with the cycling!


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