Review: Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor

Measuring cadence can be a great way to check efficiency and notice when you need to be changing down a gear to keep your legs spinning optimally. In the past, measuring cadence has required a two part sensor, with one part on the chainstay and a magnet on the crank. That was the case at least, until the new Wahoo RPM sensor was released a few weeks ago.

The RPM sensor is just a little bigger than a C2032 coin battery, and mounts to the surface of the crank. It provides a cadence measure through inertia readings, and transmits it via Bluetooth or ANT+ to your phone or GPS unit. Neat!

Having to mount one less sensor/magnet is certainly a benefit, and makes this easier to change between bike and even mount to a spin bike in the gym. There is no faffing around with magnet alignment, you just strap it on in the zip-tie silicon case, or with the double-sided tape provided.

The sensor seems to work very well: I mounted it up running parallel to a second bike computer using a standard cadence sensor, and they gave very similar readings (+/- 3 RPM).

This is a very neat and easily portable option for a sensor then. Some might say it is a little pricey at £40 RRP, but it could present good value if you can use it on multiple bikes and at the gym, and with either an iPhone or an ANT+ computer. Worth a look.

The Wahoo RPM is available from (Link)
The sensor is well protected in the silicone case, and can be mounted to the inside of the crank.
Chainstay clearance may be minimal on some bikes, but you can also mount it to the outside of the crank.


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