Fix Everything! Sugru Hacks for Cyclists

Back in 2014, I wrote a review of the innovative Sugru self-setting rubber. Since then, I've experimented with an incredible number of uses for this simple, but highly versatile stuff!

I thought that is was worth sharing a few of my favourite 'hacks', which have proven particularly useful to fix, repair and modify bike parts and clothing...

Aero Seatpost Light Mounts

I modified this Exposure Lights mount to fit an aero-seatpost

Homemade Tubeless Valves

I cut this valve out of a written-off inner tube, then made it into a tubeless valve. Works a treat.

Helmet Repair

This helmet started to delaminate, so I used a bit of Sugru to mould it back together

Sunglasses Grippers

The plastic grippers came off the arms of these sunglasses, so I fashioned some new ones with Sugru

Short Stem Garmin Mount Adaption

The stem on my mountain bike was too short to accommodate a Garmin, so I raised up this mount to bring it above the stem cap level. Sugru hack!

I'll keep adding more 'hacks' to this post, as and when I do them!


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