Bike Profile: Planet X Pro Carbon - Wet Roads Training Bike

The Planet X Pro Carbon is my 'wet roads bike'; a.k.a my 'winter bike', or 'training bike'. It has done more miles than most road bikes will do in their lifetime (around 25,000km to date), and it is still going strong. Admittedly, there isn't an original part left on it; except for the rear derailleur, shifters and handlebars; but that is testament to the number of miles that it has been ridden, often in inclement weather.

The build is centred around reliability and comfort, as well as an effort to minimise expensive maintenance. As you'll see from the photos below, it's a heavily modified bike; with tweaks, bodges and customisations galore. It also has numerous scars and knocks; alluding to its lifetime of use and abuse.

The set-up in terms of geometry, is almost identical to my Eastway Emitter R0. Because I am doing endurance miles in the winter and summer, it doesn't make sense to have a more relaxed geometry on my winter bike; which would often be the case with an athlete doing 'base miles' in the winter, and shorter rides on their 'best bike' in the summer.

She is rather well worn, but this bike has a special place in my heart. She's been through a lot!

Bike Specification:

The drivetrain on the Planet X is a 6700 Ultegra 10 Speed

The crankset is a newer addition - the 3D Rotor cranks and Rotor Q-Rings

The bike came with FSA's Gossamer Brakes - they're still going strong

Mavic Askium wheels are renowned for their durability and smooth cartridge bearings

Some well-worn Shimano 105 pedals (original) and also a glimpse of my extended front mud flap

The rear mudguard flap fell off some time back, so this is a cut-down bottle riveted in place

The Selle Italia Monolink saddle allows a more forward saddle position. The Wee Cog bag is a great accessory.

Fluorescent pink bar tape from Lizard Skins is mainly for added visibility in low light conditions 

A LifeLine Chain Catcher is a good addition for Oval chainrings

The neat Lezyne Alloy Road Drive Cage has an inbuilt Lezyne pump strapping position

SKS Raceblade Long Mudguards protect from road spray front and rear

Modifications such as cable-tying the mudguards in place for added security on rough roads; as well as gear cable boots.

Lighting up front comes in the form of the Lezyne Mega Drive and Macro Drive

She's not the prettiest bike around; but damn she can rack up some miles, no matter what the conditions

Critical Measurements:

  • A. Effective top tube: 560mm
  • B. Stem length: 120mm
  • C. Saddle tip to bar: 565mm
  • D. Saddle tip to brake hood: 730mm
  • E. Saddle to floor: 1020mm
  • F: Bar to floor: 900mm
  • G: Saddle height: 785mm
  • H: Saddle setback: 35mm
  • I: Saddle length: 280mm
  • J: Saddle offset: 10mm
  • K: Crank length: 172.5mm


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