Review - Rite In The Rain Notepad and Black Metal Clicker Pen

Rite In The Rain Notepad and Pen
I am a notepad addict. I do a lot of copywriting and planning, and I find making notes in ink is both natural and productive; I constantly carry a notepad. For cycling, sailing, kayaking and hiking, a waterproof notepad is a significant advantage: avoiding the need to decipher blotted and soggy pages. Rite In The Rain's Waterproof Notepad and All Weather Pen are my new go-to option.

The American brand has a whole range of big and small waterproof notepads; all utilising their patented waterproof paper. I have the small top-bound jotter notepad, which is the perfect size to stash in a jersey pocket or trouser pocket; written up with course notes, emergency contact details, waypoints, or just general musings.

To complement the Rite In The Rain Waterproof Notepad, I also have the Rite In The Rain Black Metal Clicker Pen. This might sound excessive to some, who would ask, "why not just use a bog standard ball-point or a pencil?" – well a pencil works fine, but sometimes you just want a pen; this is a very nice one. Unlike many cheap ballpoints, it continues to function in extreme heat or cold, and it is a lot less likely to leak or dry-out in your pocket, thanks to the sealed design. It is a great writing instrument.

Two products that are great for outdoor adventurers; allowing you to take notes and plan ahead, so your mind can be clear to focus on the present. These would be a great gift idea for any cyclist, explorer, or outdoor enthusiast.


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