Review - Tune Dreckschleuder MTB Wheel Set

It is common to hear "the best upgrade you can make to your bike is a new wheel set". That is not strictly true, but undoubtedly good wheels ensure you get the most from your frame and components, and it is often the item skimped on when a manufacturer builds up a bike. I fitted the Dreckschleuder wheel set from German manufacturer Tune to my Kona Rove for the #RoadsFromRome. This, no question, was an incredible upgrade...

Understanding wheel upgrades…

Before jumping into the review proper, I think it helps to consider why a new wheel set could be an upgrade to a bike:
  • Rolling Resistance - The first is rolling resistance, or rather the ability to reduce rolling resistance. Consider that every time your wheels rotate you are relying on the numerous bearings inside the hubs to make it as smooth and as friction-free as possible. Therefore good quality bearings, with good quality seals to keep out the friction-inducing muck, will make a huge difference to the effort-required and resulting speed.
  • Weight - Weight is an obvious penalty when working against gravity on a bike; the more weight you carry on your body and bike, the more force required to move it uphill. However, when it comes to moving parts such as the wheel rim, then weight makes a difference whether uphill, downhill, or on the flat; for each rotation of the wheel you need force to move the weight around, and that means a reduction in weight of the wheel set and other moving parts has a multiplied effect in terms of potential efficiency savings.
  • Aerodynamics - The third element to a wheel is aerodynamics, and how well the wheel 'slices' through the air. A deeper section wheel developed in a wind tunnel will likely be more efficient, as it cuts through the air. Consider though that a deeper section rim is weightier, so there is a compromise to be met here.
  • Tyre Profile - As tyres get wider on road, mountain bike and gravel bikes, it is important to consider how the rim of the wheel holds the tyre. As a strict rule you should not use a tyre smaller than the internal width of the rim (i.e do not use a 23 mm road tyre on a rim with a 25 mm internal width). Consider that a wider rim allows the tyre to sit more naturally in the rim, producing a better tyre shape and rolling profile. The optimum is to go wide (20 mm+ but consider the added weight of a wider rim).
  • Strength - Finally, but perhaps most importantly, consider the strength of a wheel set. This comes down to a number of factors; including the number of spokes, the lacing of these spokes, the rim depth, the hub flange size, and the quality of the builder. Radial (straight out) spoke lacing is lightest, as the spokes are as short as they can be; but, it is the least strong. 3-cross lacing (when the spokes overlap three times) is the strongest, but also the heaviest. A deeper rim or hub flange will help to add strength, and ensuring all spokes are evenly and optimally tensioned is also crucial to a strong wheel. For sprinters, bigger riders, and heavily laden bikes, the strength and flex of a wheel is fundamental to the handling, the power transfer, and ultimately the safety of the rider.

The Tune Dreckschleuder MTB Wheel Set

Onto the wheel set itself…

Tune is a high-end specialist bike components brand, located in the German Black Forest (one of my favourite parts of Europe). I was introduced to the brand earlier in 2018 when I rode my #BlackForest400 ride; they sent me a laser-etched hub to commemorate the achievement — super cool.

'Dreckschleuder' translates into English as "foul mouthed person" or "environmental hazard"; presumably Tune alluding to the aggressive robustness of this MTB wheel set... you will be going so fast you will be swearing, and a hazard to the environment…

Tune Dreckschleuder MTB Wheels - Specifications

  • Rear Hub - Tune KingKong Rear 32
  • Front Hub - Tune Kong Front 32
  • Rims - Tune Dreckschleuder 32
  • Nipples - Aluminium
  • Lacing - 3-Cross
  • Weight - (29er) - 1506 grams
  • Rim Internal Width - 20 mm
  • Rim External Width - 25 mm

I chose the Tune Dreckschleuder for the #RoadsFromRome tour because I had noted that on my previous #7Countries7Passes tour the wheel set I used (still from a very high-end manufacturer) was too flexible, and made both the handling and performance of the fully laden touring bike inefficient and not confidence inspiring. The promise of a light, robust and reliable wheel set, in the form of these mountain bike wheels, seemed like a far superior choice.

I am pleased to say that the Dreckschleuder wheels delivered, superbly. The upgrade was incredible: the bike felt stiffer, stronger, more efficient, and significantly better at cornering. Everything from the super smooth bearings, to the strong all-alloy build and superb craftsmanship no doubt contribute to creating a wheel set that is both fast and strong.

On a bike weighing 26 kilograms fully loaded, these wheels performed with strength and silence. It makes me confident that they would do the same whether fitted to a mountain bike, gravel bike, or disc brake road bike.

This is German engineering and manufacturing at its best: light, strong, and built to last. The Dreckschleuder wheel set comes highly recommended, whatever your discipline.

View the Dreckschleuder wheel set at


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