Review - Spurcycle Bicycle Bell

Some bells are better than their counterparts. Louder, clearer, more melodic, and crucially able to deal with repeated 'dinging'. I used to destroy those cheap plastic bicycle bells every few months on my commute (I am no shy dinger). But then I got sent a Spurcycle Bicycle Bell. It is the business.

The Spurcycle Bicycle Bell is not cheap — it's £49.99 RRP. That means it needs to be damn durable to outlast the equivalent number of plastic bicycle bells that could have been purchased for the same amount of cash. This bike bell is a thing of beauty though, and really does tick all the boxes.

The Spurcycle bell is precision made in the United States of America. It comes in a classic pure metal finish, or in a matt black coating. Its compact all-metal construction (even the strap that goes around the handlebar is metal) means that it looks and feels like it will last a lifetime of aggressive dinging. And, that dinging is a good ding...

The Spurcycle bell sounds with a clear, crisp and powerful chime. It is loud, and the sound lasts a lot longer (apparently three times longer) than most other bells. That loud and extended chime should mean you are heard earlier, and heard better than with most traditional bike bells.

It is a beautifully engineered bit of kit, and it definitely looks like it will last the distance; which is why it has been fitted to my Kona Rove long distance tourer; it certainly came in handy riding through Rome and London on the #RoadsFromRome tour.

A high price tag, but a worthy investment I think.

Available in the UK through Condor Cycles


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