Review - Knog Plus Bicycle Light Set

Knog Plus Bike Light Review

Crazy light. Crazy compact. Crazy bright. The new Knog Plus bike lights are pretty revolutionary. I have been testing them out to see if the super minimalist design from the Australian brand can deal with the dark onslaught of British winter.

Knog have long pushed the boundaries in terms of how bicycle lights mount to your bike, and also how they perform. I have used their Blinder series of lights for a long time and continue to be impressed by their beautiful simplicity and high level of performance both in terms of battery life and brightness.

The new Knog Plus Light Set is a complete redevelopment of Knog's light design. I was worried that this might mean a loss of some of the great performance, but luckily that doesn't seem to be the case...

Let us start with the fitment system… Knog have created a clever all-in-one combination of a secure bag clip and a secure on-the-bike bracket. A small plastic bracket mounts to the seat post or handlebars using a simple rubber band, then the slimline clip light slots into this bracket and is held in place by a magnet. At first sight the design looks a bit fragile, and I was worried the magnet wouldn't be enough to hold the lights in place on rough ground; but despite my best attempts these little units have remained firmly stuck to their brackets, as well as working great when clipped to bag straps.

Fitted securely to your bike or bag the Knog Plus Lights provide an impressive output. You can toggle with ease between five different modes: in the most economical mode the lights will last for 40 hours, and in the most powerful mode you get two hours run time. The output in the most powerful mode is 40 lumens on the front and 20 lumens on the rear; that is easily enough to be 'daytime bright' and increase your visibility in all light conditions.

Charging is ridiculously simple — you just pull out the main light body from the magnetic clip, wipe off any water or muck, and plug it straight into a 5 AMP charging plug or laptop. They go from empty to fully charged in 240 minutes.

The real beauty of the Knog Plus lights is their minimalist simplicity – these are bike lights that look and feel like nothing (35 grams for the twin pack), but they pack a huge punch through the darkness, and seem also impressively durable. With lights like this there really is no reason to not have running lights on your bike whatever the light and weather conditions.

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Knog Plus Bike Light Review

Knog Plus Bike Light Review

Knog Plus Bike Light Review

Knog Plus Bike Light Review


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