Review - Bridgedale Stormsock Waterproof Socks

Waterproof thermal cycling socks can be a great asset in the cold months of autumn and winter, especially on muddy and wet cyclocross and mountain bike rides. The new Bridgedale Waterproof Stormsock Thermal Socks are a great example.

Overshoes are ideal on the road, and even for most off-road pursuits; but their capabilities are diminished if you are required to dismount and walk through mud or water; in these environments you find water and mud seeps in between shoe and cover, and quickly soaks your socks and feet. The solution I have found is waterproof cycling socks – these allow you to walk through anything up to ankle deep puddles, and retain warm and dry feet.

The Bridgedale Stormsocks come in a variety of cuff lengths and thermal insulation levels; I have been testing the mid-range option; the Bridgedale Stormsock Midweight Boot, which is cut as a standard crew-length sock just above the ankle.

The socks are made of a three layer construction: with a soft Terry pad providing cushioning on the forefoot and heel; then a Merino wool blend giving a soft and insulating interior throughout. The waterproof structure comes from the third outer layer, which is a stretch waterproof nylon membrane called HydroTech. Lycra has been stitched throughout the weave to provide flexibility and an in-built arch support. Overall, the three-layer system seems to provide a comfortable, durable, and fully waterproof sock.

Out on the trails, the Bridgedale Stormsocks have performed very well. Dismounting and running through muddy wet puddles on the gravel bike hasn't presented any problems, and my feet have remained dry and warm. Wear a pair of water-resistant leg warmers over the outside of the socks, and the water runs off your shins, then down and off the socks; rather than saturating your socks like it does with non-waterproof options.

It is worth noting that even the Midweight socks are still significantly bulkier than most winter cycling socks, so you might struggle if your cycling shoes fit like a glove with summer socks. That said, with a roomier shoe, the added weight of the sock is welcome insulation, and notably more insulating than many socks I have tested.

The Bridgedale Stormsocks are a great option for wet weather cycling.

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