Review – OneLifeID ICE Personal Identification Bracelets

For the past six years, I have worn an OneLife ID identification wristband day-in-day-out. I originally reviewed the simple but potentially lifesaving ICE wristbands on the blog in 2013, and noted then that they are an essential 'Every Ride Carry'. I continue to advocate their use, with great support.

Being able to be easily identified in the event of an emergency is a huge benefit to paramedics and hospital staff, and anyone else attending the accident scene. Detailing known allergies and past medical history on your ICE medical ID bracelet could be life-saving in the event of hospitalisation and treatment.

OneLifeID is a UK business that produces a range of ICE bracelets and tags; the above pictured recycled tyre Stealth wristband is my current everyday wear. The products are subtle, stylish, and super durable; but they achieve their aim with great success; you can detail a surprisingly amount on the wrist band itself, and then add further information to an online profile that is linked to with a URL address on the wristband.

Stay safe, and stay identifiable—basic necessities for any adventure.

>> View the OneLife ID range here <<


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