Review – Hiplok SPIN Combination Chain Bicycle Lock

Hiplok SPIN Combination Chain Bicycle Lock
When it comes to wearable bicycle locks, UK brand Hiplok owns the show. Their cable locks and chain locks pioneered the concept of ditching the bike bracket and carrying your lock on your hips, with an adjustable Velcro belt. The new Hiplok SPIN Chain Lock is the latest release, and the first combination chain lock in the range.

I have always been impressed by the quality of Hiplok products. From their super solid Sold Secure Gold rated Hiplok GOLD Chain Lock, which has accompanied me on many city errands; to their miniature Hiplok FLX Cable Lock and innovative Z-Loks that are perfect for bikepacking and lightweight touring. All the products are superbly designed and the highest possible quality level for their intended use and price tag.

The new Hiplok SPIN Chain Lock is another superior design from the brand and fills the category of a lightweight chain lock with a combination closure.

The Hiplok SPIN uses the same chain as the Hiplok Lite—my most used lock within the Hiplok range. The SPIN differs from the Lite in that it has a lighter weight sleeve over the chain, and the four digit combination lock to secure the chain.

The combination lock is less secure than a traditional key lock, and as a result the SPIN does not achieve a Sold Secure Bronze rating like the Hiplok Lite. However, there are obvious convenience advantages of the combination lock, especially if multiple people are using it.

On first inspection, the Hiplok SPIN lock does look and feel quite a bit different from the Hiplok Lite. It is 200 grams lighter for a start, and the Velcro on the patented carry belt system is notably less chunky. That lighter weight is to satisfy the intended user of this lock—someone not leaving their ride in a high-risk area, but prioritising portability and convenience.

To use, the Hiplok SPIN is simple and intuitive. You can set your own combination easily, and then locking the 75cm length chain together is self-explanatory. To wear the lock as a belt, you unlock the mechanism, push the lock pin back into the protective sheave, and then use the Velcro strap to fasten the belt—adjusting to the size you require. It is a beautifully simple idea really, but one that Hiplok invented and have patented to their advantage.

Overall, the SPIN chain lock is a great combination bicycle lock for lower risk areas; you could leave your bike locked up safely outside a shop or supermarket for example, but I would not want to use it for overnight parking on a low lit street (the Hiplok GOLD or Hiplok DXC would be preferred for that). The SPIN is intended to be a lightweight, low cost (£34.99) wearable lock; it achieves that admirably, and with a touch of style.

Whether you are a bike courier or just running your errands around town, the Hiplok SPIN is a secure solution.

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Hiplok SPIN Combination Chain Bicycle Lock

Hiplok SPIN Combination Chain Bicycle Lock

Hiplok SPIN Combination Chain Bicycle Lock


  1. Thanks . After having three of my bikes stolen in two years , I always on the lookout for an affordable thief-resistant bike lock
    I'll check that Hiplock brand out .


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