Review – Outdoor Provisions Nut Butter Sachets

Outdoor Provisions Nut Butters
I have long been an advocate of nut butters for endurance fuel. Fuelling with fat and protein offers an energy source that is much more sustaining and lends itself to a more stable blood sugar profile than the peaks and troughs encountered with simple sugars.

These two new nut butters from UK brand Outdoor Provisions are especially tasty blends, and they come in compact bio-degradable sachets—making them perfect for outdoor adventures and tours.

Outdoor Provisions have evolved the classic jar of peanut butter that you would often find stuffed into my handlebar bag on long distance bike tours. The new 'Coffee, Almond and Cashew' and 'Almond, Date and Sea Salt' sachets are incredibly versatile and tasty energy snacks.

Squeeze them straight into your mouth, add them as a porridge topper, pour them over an energy bar, or make an on-the-go banana and nut butter (BnB) sandwich... the possibilities are endless. However you eat them, you get the same smooth taste and natural energy hit.

The OP Nut Butters come in two flavours:

Coffee, Almond and Cashew (32g)
  • Rich and creamy with a subtle coffee aftertaste. Using finely ground Red Bank Mountain Rescue coffee beans. 
  • No Refined Sugars ↠ Vegan → Source of Protein ⇸ Slow Release Energy ↠ Gluten Free → 188kcals

Almond, Date and Sea Salt (32g)
  • A balance of sweet and salty for that slight savoury hit you crave after a long day out. An instant classic. Dangerously moreish.
  • No Refined Sugars ↠ Vegan → Source of Protein ⇸ Slow Release Energy ↠ Gluten Free → 183kcals

Another noteworthy feature of these buttery snacks is the packaging. The wrapper is the same as the one used on Outdoor Provisions' bars (cellulose and a tiny layer of aluminium) with an added compostable plastic sealing layer; this particular 'plastic' behaves like regular organic waste and is certified free from microplastic pollutants. It is developed with a focus on end of life return to organic matter—the ability to compost both at home and industrially; you can stick it in your compost heap, food waste or garden waste bin (still please do not discard it on the trail though).

Super tasty, super portable, and very versatile. The Outdoor Provisions Nut Butters are a winner for me.

>> Get an 10 sachet mixed box of Outdoor Provisions Nut Butters here


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