Review – Rawvelo Vegan Energy Bars, Gels & Drink Mix

RawVelo Nutrition Review
100 percent organic, natural and vegan. The range of energy bars, energy gels and hydration drink mixes from Rawvelo offer a natural fuelling solution—to keep you energised as you ride, and guilt-free about your impact on your body and the planet. 

Plant-powered sports nutrition is the way forward, in my opinion. It is kinder on your body and kinder on the planet. Organic energy products are still hard to come by though, so I was interested to try the bars, gels, and hydration drink mixes from Rawvelo.

Rawvelo Energy Bars Review

The Rawvelo Energy Bars are organic and vegan; designed to offer a sustaining source of low-GI energy to keep you reliably fuelled as you ride longer distances. 

The bars are made from wholefood ingredients such as fruit, nuts and oats; with a nutritional profile that is packed full of natural vitamins and minerals. Naturally occurring protein also helps to aid recovery and reduce muscle damage on long endurance rides, while the absence of refined sugars, preservatives and additives means these bars are as natural as eating a banana or a handful of nuts.

My particular favourite was the Chocolate Walnut Brownie, which has a great texture and flavour, while also giving me the boost I was looking for.

Rawvelo Energy Gels Review

I steer away from traditional energy gels now, as they tend to cause digestive discomfort and give you that unhelpful energy spike and subsequent drop. The Rawvelo energy gels are organic and natural, made from a balance of fruit juices, coconut sugar and natural brown rice syrup; there are no preservatives, no artificial colours, and no synthetic flavouring. 

The Rawvelo energy gels are unquestionably gentler on the stomach, but they still offer you that boost you are looking for when you want to push the extra mile for a personal best. The Blood Orange was a particular favourite of mine, with a welcomed zing to the flavour.

Rawvelo Hydration Drink Mix Review

Hydration is critical when cycling in the heat, as well as in the winter months when you lose a surprising amount of moisture through the air that you exhale. With a balanced combination of coconut water powder, natural sugars and Himalayan sea salt, the Rawvelo hydration mixes provide a full electrolyte profile to ensure proper hydration during or after intense exercise. 

With potassium, magnesium and other critical minerals, these natural mixes aid hydration and recovery as you ride and relax. A great way to ward off cramps and discomfort when pushing yourself hard and working up a sweat.


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