Review – Vulpine Rain Trousers Water-Resistant Chinos

Vulpine Rain Trousers Review
My monthly visits to Copenhagen have re-introduced me to the world of city commuting. I keep a singlespeed bike out at the GripGrab HQ, and ride the 15 kilometres across the city between my hotel and the workplace. Those city miles are beautiful; often punctuated with a cinnamon bun at a local bakery, they ease me into the start of the day and give me time to reflect at the end.

City cycle commuting to a smart office requires a certain kind of cycle wear. The distance is not far enough to warrant full Lycra leggings and a close-fitting jersey, but you want comfortable and tough clothing that will withstand the rigours of a 30-minute ride at either end of the day, and still get you to your workplace in a clean and presentable state.

The Vulpine Rain Trousers are the UK brand's answer to those city commutes – when the weather is against you. With a classic style, they are a tough, comfortable and practical pair of water-resistant cycling trousers, which look as at home on the bike as they do in the boardroom.

The Vulpine Rain Trousers are constructed from Epic Cotton. This trademarked fabric is far more comfortable than synthetics; with a natural breathability and softness that keeps you fresh even when pedalling fast to get to that meeting. The water-resistant coating then effectively shrugs off showers and spray, whilst also offering the benefit of making the Rain Trousers wipe clean.

In addition to the fabrics, the Vulpine Rain Trousers are packed full of features that make them even more practical as a daily cycle commuting trouser. For starters, you can turn up the bottoms to reveal reflective trimmed seams for enhanced visibility. There are also button adjusters on the drive-side leg to keep the fabric away from the chain. For strength and durability there are toughened belt loops, and for comfort there is a seamless diamond gusset in the crotch. Finally, for useful storage, there is a zipped valuables pocket and a key carabiner.

The Vulpine Rain Trousers look like a smart pair of cotton chinos at a glance, and they are; but, subtle design features and a smart fabric choice also make these trousers the perfect all-weather commuting pants – to get you to work dry, comfortable, and relaxed. That is a worthwhile investment.

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Vulpine Rain Trousers Review

Vulpine Rain Trousers Review

Vulpine Rain Trousers Review

Vulpine Rain Trousers Review

Disclaimer: Vulpine supplied a pair of Vulpine Rain Trousers for test and review


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