Review – TRI-FIT Sykl Pro Black Ed. LS Jersey & Bib Shorts

TRI-FIT aim to become the world's leading triathlon apparel brand – creating clean, modern and practical premium level triathlon clothing using only the finest fabrics and latest design technology. The TRI-FIT SYKL PRO Black Edition Long Sleeve Jersey and TRI-FIT SYKL PRO SKIN Bib Shorts have become one of my favourite riding outfits this season, thanks to their unique design and superb quality.

Review – TRI-FIT SYKL PRO Black Edition Long Sleeve Jersey

The TRI-FIT SYKL PRO Black Edition Long Sleeve is designed to be the perfect long sleeve cycling jersey; featuring a unique dual-purpose double layer rear pocket, a fantastic race cut and state-of-the-art fabrics.

The jersey is constructed from an astonishing six different fabric types. On the front, a technical MICX fabric provides a close-fitting aero cut, then a soft cooling horizontal strip fabric on the rear aids with heat reduction and moisture management. Further extra moisture wicking fabrics have been used for high sweat areas of the jersey such as the neck, arms and lower back. Finally, an Italian made M.A.R.C. reflective elastic waistband provides support and added visibility to drivers approaching from the rear.

The pocketing is also a unique feature of the TRI-FIT SYKL Long Sleeve. A dual-purpose double layer rear pocket consists of two traditional cycle jersey pockets and two side access aero triathlon pockets that offer a more streamlined profile when loaded and reaching for their contents. This pocketing design is interesting, and it rocks the boat compared to most three pocket jersey designs; in addition to the aero aspect it also has the advantage that you have more pockets to store essentials on longer rides. My only slight criticism is that the wide top of the 'two traditional pockets' and side access of the aero pockets do make it feel that their contents are slightly less secure than a traditional pocket layout.

The TRI-FIT SYKL long sleeve is a race fit jersey, designed to be a snug fit. It is one of the best fitting long sleeve jerseys I have tested to date, but thanks to the high stretch fabrics and seamless design elements, it remains superbly comfortable.

A great fitting cleverly designed long sleeve jersey.

Review – TRI-FIT SYKL PRO SKIN Bib Shorts

As the name suggests, the TRI-FIT SYKL PRO SKIN Bib Shorts were designed to be as close to a second skin as possible.

Made from a premium Italian Carvico REVOLUTIONAL® ENERGY fabric, the bib shorts claim to offer muscle support and light compression—to reduce the production of lactic acid, and potentially enhance your cycling performance.

The chamois is the latest Elastic Interface Paris HP seat pad, featuring multidirectional curvature with a smooth surface, ultra-high density inserts, and surface perforations to create maximum breathability.

Finally, silicone hem grippers and the seamless laser-cut leg openings provide a premium performance feel, while minimising chaff and movement of the bibs during high intensity efforts.

There is no doubt that these are one of the best fitting and most comfortable pairs of bib shorts I have worn to date.

Products tested:

TRI-FIT Sykl Pro Black Ed. LS Jersey & Bib Shorts

TRI-FIT Sykl Pro Black Ed. LS Jersey & Bib Shorts

TRI-FIT Sykl Pro Black Ed. LS Jersey & Bib Shorts

TRI-FIT Sykl Pro Black Ed. LS Jersey & Bib Shorts

Disclaimer: TRI-FIT supplied a Sykl Pro Black Ed. LS Jersey and Bib Shorts for test and review


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