Route Guide

Isle of Wight

Off Road Isle of Wight Circular Loop from Ryde Pier
Length: Medium/Long
Map Recommended: OS Landranger 196
(I would try drawing it onto the map before you head out)

  • From the bottom of the pier head right (along the pavement round the round about) up St. Thomas' Street
  • Turn off onto Spencer Road, this takes you up to Ryde Golf Club
  • Take the Bridleway that runs down the side of the Golf Club, follow this through past Quarr abbey (diamond route on map), which takes you to Wootton Bridge
  • Cross over the Bridge and immediately turn left down towards the new hotel on the Bridleway heading South
  • When this come to a T-Junction turn left down past Great Briddlesford farm
  • when this hits the road, turn left, then when you see the steam railway car park turn right up the bridleway(just after Guildford Farm)
  • Follow the Bridleway up onto Arreton Down Road, cross over the road and ride along the grass heading east until you meet a Bridleway that runs off heading east but down the hill (on the Map it is below the letter D of Arreton Down) 
  • Take the descent all the way down through Haseley Manor and onto the Cycle Track that runs East -South West (dotted green on the map)
  • Turn right and follow the cycle track SW for a few miles until it goes under a stone railway bridge, shortly after this turn left off the track, up the embankment (onto the road that runs over the bridge), turn right on getting to the road and head south.
  • As the track/road reaches a fork, take the bridleway to the left past great Budbridge Manor, past Moor Farm and out onto the main road at Godshill. 
  • Cross over the road and head up past Godshill park farm on the bridleway that comes out in Wroxall.
  • Join the main B-road running through Wroxall, turn right and head to the church
  • (Optional Hill) - You can head up onto St.Martin's and then Shanklin down, the best descent is then the one that comes out on the bend next by the "5" of A3055 on the map. Then head down the road into Shanklin, down on the beach (signposted)
  • Or from the Church take the Bridleway/Cycleroute (Black Dashes on the map)  that runs through to Shanklin - The start of this is through a small path at the side of the bridge on the North side of the Church (turn left through the bollards if you are coming up the B-road.
  • When in Shanklin head down on the seafront and go north along the Esplanade through to Sandown, then continue along the road through to Yaverland and then Brading.
  • From the Church next to the Waxworks in Brading take the green dotted bridleway running east.
  • This takes you out onto the road next to carpenters farm. Turn left along the road then right up the bridleway past Hill farm.
  • Follow the Bridleway until it comes out at Bullen House in Nettlestone.
  • From there make your way down onto the seafront at Seaview and head west along the esplanade back into Ryde, the Pier, and hopefully the end of a satisfying ride. 

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