Review - Fori Savoury Meat Snack Bars

Fori Savoury Meat Snack Bars
Most protein bars use whey isolate to deliver their protein hit; but that sweet and gooey texture isn't the only way of getting protein into your diet. Fori, a UK brand, have come up with oven baked savoury meat snack bars.

I have been testing them out, and the Thai Turkey and Piri Piri Chicken flavours are, despite my initial reservations, rather good.

Aside from whey protein (derived from milk) there are hundreds of other sources of protein on the market (Read my blog post: 'Smart Shopping List Ideas'). Turkey and chicken are right up there with the best, containing a high volume of Leucine - a crucial amino acid. These meat based bars deliver a great low-fat, high-protein fuel source.

The Fori bars use oven baked high-quality meat products, to provide a convenient way of getting protein into your diet, especially when you're on the move.

A savoury meat bar might not initially sound that appetising, but at the end of a long ride, or the end of a long day touring, the last thing you really want is something sweet and gooey. The Fori bars provide a good savoury alternative for your palate; they will certainly be in my panniers and jersey pockets on my next few challenges this year.


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