Review: MaxiNutrition ProMax Milk

After a cold and arduous winter ride, the thing on most people's mind is how quickly they can get to a hot shower. Because of this, I've decided that having a pre-mixed or pre-prepared protein shake made for when you get home, is a very good idea. Grab it, down it and run for the warmth.

That's exactly the thinking behind products like ProMax Milk; convenience is key to avoid the temptation to shirk good recovery.

I've been keeping a stock of ProMax Milk close to hand, so that when I get back from a ride and have forgotten to make a shake before I leave, I've got something quick to kick-start the recovery process.

Made from UHT milk and whey protein isolate, these little bottles contain a significant 30 grams of high quality protein as well as a multitude of BCAAs. They're not too high in sugar and they're fat free. They taste pretty good too. In effect, they're a protein shake that is pre-mixed with milk.

On the days when I do shirk recovery, I can certainly feel it the next day on the bike. Proper nutrition is key and if products like this will help make it more convenient, then they're worth considering.

MaxiNutrition is available from (Link)


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