The Festive 500 (650) 2014

"In the depth of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer" - Albert Camus

The Festive 500 has become somewhat of a ritual for me now, and the 2014 edition will be the third time on the trot that I join many others around the globe in riding 500 kilometres between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

The only slight difference this year, is that I've added on an extra 150 kilometres to the target - making it the Festive 650. That's because if I do it, it will take me over the 20,000 kilometre mark for this year. That's not a milestone I've been aiming for, but I realised I was close a week or so ago and it seemed like too much of a landmark to miss. So let's get started with the Festive rides...

Ride 6 - Freezing Finale (YTD Total: 20,044Km!)
Distance: 119.3Km --- Time: 4:43 hours --- Elevation: 1,549 metres
I think it might be foggy in Portsmouth - clear skies on the Isle of Wight
Our attempt to avoid the ice by sticking by the coast wasn't overly successful, it made for some great shots though
Blue skies over the Isle of Wight to mark the end of my 2014 riding

Ride 5 - "Frozen Trail Time"
Distance: 58.3Km --- Time: 3:18 hours --- Elevation: 1000 metres
Frozen puddles pointing towards The Needles
With Jack Frost out, the MTB was a safer bet
Dry winter trails
Sun soaked Sandown Bay
A misty morning

Ride 4 - "Six Hour Solo Struggle" - The Festive 500 Complete
Distance: 152.0Km --- Time: 6:02 hours --- Elevation: 2767 metres
A blustery Needles Coastguard station climb
Coloured sands of Alum Bay
Panoramic with Bournemouth in the distance
Quiet sun soaked lanes
Above the hedgerows
Clouds rolling in at the end of the ride

Ride 3 - "That'll do Pig. That'll do."
Distance: 137.3Km --- Time: 5:14 hours --- Elevation: 2089 metres
Before the rain arrived

Ride 2 - 'Festive Cheer!'
Distance: 45.9Km --- Time: 01:49 hours --- Elevation: 698 metres
Christmas Day Sunshine
Gravel paths
Deserted lanes

Ride 1 - 'Heavy Festive Tonnage'
Distance: 166Km --- Time: 06:00 hours --- Elevation: 2,347 metres
The iconic white cliffs of Tennyson Down
Strong winds and white horses
Comfort and speed in equal measure
Early afternoon sun
A field of clouds


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