Review: adidas Cocona Tube and Warm Wind Walter Turtleneck

Last week I reviewed the new adidas Supernova Winter Bib Tights and Supernova Winter Jersey (Link); this week I'm looking at two of their other cold weather specials - the Warm Wind Walter Turtleneck base layer and Cocona neck tube.

adidas Warm Wind Walter Turtleneck

Base layers play a vital part in keeping you comfortable in the winter months, wicking away uncomfortable perspiration and leaving you warm and dry. With fabric development, we're seeing new designs that have the ability to keep you warmer by also providing a wind-shielding layer. The new Cocona fabric from adidas does exactly that, and it's what makes the Warm Wind Walter Turtleneck a technical and particularly effective base layer option in cold conditions.

The 'Warm Wind' element of this garment's design relates to the Cocona fabric panel that is used on the front of the torso. This fabric, combined with the high cut mock turtleneck, means that your core benefits from an additional wind resistant layer to reduce uncomfortable chill.

Whilst the front panel is designed to shield you from the wind, the rest of the base layer is made from a lightweight, high-stretch wicking fabric, which helps to move moisture away from your body and increase comfort.

Both the wind shielding and wicking properties of the Warm Wind base layer seem to work very well, even under a relatively thin long sleeve jersey, I've remained comfortable on cold morning starts, yet when things have heated up, the wicking material and chest-length zip mean you can easily keep your body temperature comfortable.

Fit seems to be good, and the high stretch fabric on the back panel and sleeves mean that it should remain good even for most sizes.

Overall, a great technical base layer, with a dual function capability. It is well made, fits very well and seems to be coping admirably with repeated use. A welcome addition when the Arctic winds arrive.

adidas Cocona Tube

The Cocona neck tube is a bit like a Buff on steroids; it's an insulating neck scarf with some neat design features.

As the name suggests, the Cocona Tube uses the new adidas Cocona fabric, with its insulating and wind-proofing properties. This fabric accounts for about 80 percent of the tube, whilst the remaining 20 percent is a a thinner mesh material. The virtue of this design is that you can pull the tube right up around your mouth, and position the thinner mesh material at the front - providing a useful ventilation area to breathe through.

It's a simple design feature, but it really works well, and stops condensation building up within the tube.

This could be a great stocking filler as the festive period approaches!

View the adidas cycling range at (Link)

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