Nutrition Review: Bounce Natural Energy Balls - Round 2

It's the most popular blog post of all time on Life In The Saddle, and it is frequently the most popular month on month, too. The chances are, if you're a regular reader of the blog, you've read my first review of the Bounce Natural Energy Balls before (if you haven't give it a look).

Since December 2012, when I wrote that first review of four balls from their range, Bounce Energy Balls have grown and grown; and they've been very kind to keep up their partnership with the blog over that time.

The growth has included the introduction of a few new tasty flavours, to add to the four that I first reviewed; that seemed worth shouting about! So here they are, four new taste sensations!

Cocoa Mint Protein Bomb
Like After Eight mints? You'll love these. The Cocoa Mint Bounce Ball came out about a year ago, and it quickly became my joint favourite Bounce Ball (tied with Apple and Cinnamon below). It tastes incredibly good, has a really mixed and moist texture, and it packs some impressive nutritional values too!

10 grams of whey and pea protein in each ball will significantly boost recovery, whilst the cocoa nibs, sunflower seeds and brown rice bring an abundance of the antioxidant Vitamin E and dietary fibre. One of my favourite mid-morning snacks with a coffee, or as a healthy alternative to a slice of cake at a mid-ride café stop.

Apple and Cinnamon Protein Punch
Apple crumble is probably my favourite winter pudding, especially when it has a dash of cinnamon to give it a bit of zing. It's not the most practical thing to take with you on a bike though, so I was pleased when I found you could get almost the same texture and taste from the Apple and Cinnamon Bounce Ball.

Super tasty, and healthy too. Cashew nuts provide unsaturated fats, to give you an energy boost. Brown rice provides fibre. Whey and pea protein provide an impressive 9 gram recovery boost, and seeds provide a source of Vitamin E and copper, to protect against oxidative stress. Apple crumble in a pocket sized ball.

Cashew and Pecan Vitality Lift
Oats, brown rice, pecans, peanuts and cashews all combined into one energy boost. The combination of cashew and pecan nuts provides unsaturated fats and manganese, to boost energy-yielding metabolic rates. The oats provide slow release energy, and the brown rice provides fibre. A tasty little option, that's gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Fudgie Walnut Health Storm
Last on the latest line up, is the Fudgie Walnut; a mix of peanuts, walnuts, carob seeds and sesame seeds, balled together with brown rice. It's high in fibre and high in energy, making it an ideal jersey pocket pick-me-up.

I continue to really enjoy Bounce Balls, whether as a handy snack, pre-event boost or mid-ride fuel; they're easy to eat, taste great, and luckily they're pretty seriously healthy too. If you haven't tried these four new flavours yet, or the four originals in my first blog review, they're worth checking out.


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