30 Day Drinking Oats Challenge!

Last month I wrote a post on Rude Health Cereals and Snacks, and talked about how important it is to eat good food before you ride your bike. Never skip breakfast!

I'm a bit of a porridge addict, and fuel up on a bowl at the start of almost every day (which normally starts with a ride). Rude Health have one product that presents an interesting alternative (or addition) to porridge though, it's Drinking Oats. These fine ground oats can be added to any drink, and dissolve easily with a quick stir. It's effectively porridge fuel, on the move!

Properly portable porridge could have a whole host of advantages for cyclists. It could present a valuable time-saver, before you ride. It could be a whole new way of fuelling with low-GI carbs, whilst on your ride. It could even increase recovery, when mixed in with a shake, at the end of your ride. I decided to find out...

This April, I'm going to undertake a 30 Day Drinking Oats Challenge. Each day I'm going to try using Rude Health Drinking Oats in some kind of drink; whether it is pre, during or post-ride. I'll keep you updated on recipe suggestions and how things are going on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and use the hashtag #30DayDrinkingOats so you can keep track.

I'm looking forward to getting drinking!

View the Rude Health range at RudeHealth.com (Link)


  1. A great timed post, I've been looking at these for some easy fuelling, have you tried them yet? do they dissolve well?


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