Review: Isadore Apparel Long Sleeve Jersey

Martin and Peter Velits are a unique pair of riders. Not only are both brothers riders in the professional peloton, they are also twins, and the only two to have competed in the same Tour de France as such. Isadore Apparel is the brainchild of Martin Velits, and represents his venture into the world of cycle clothing, with a select line of clean and original designs. 

Isadore takes pride in being a brand that doesn't out-source its production to the far east; everything is designed by the team in Slovakia, then produced there too. That's a rare case of vertical integration, which is quite refreshing in a trade where so much is sent far away to be produced. 

I took delivery of Isadore's Long Sleeve Jersey for review, and as spring temperatures gradually increase and the winter jackets are put away, I've been testing it out on the bike. 

The design of all the Isadore Apparel is in the 'classic' style; featuring wool blends, raised seams and ornate detailing. They are made to be identifiable, yet subtle in their looks. The Long Sleeve Jersey comes in a dark purple colourway, as well as the olive green that I had on test. Both colours match well with the "classic" look, and accompanied by detailing like the contrast elbow pads, they give a real 'heritage' appeal.

The fit of the Isadore Apparel Long Sleeve was a little hard to gauge, as I was sent a size large rather than the requested medium. Despite being rather generous though, most of components of a good cut are there; with long sleeves, elasticated drop-tail hems and a good height collar.

There is plenty of attention to detail in the design of this kit, too. Pocketing comes in the form of three open rear pockets and one zippered concealed pocket, as well as a mini internal chest pocket. Branding comes in the form of raised stainless logos, embossed on leather patches, on the rear pocket and collar. Details like a soft chin guard on the zip have also been considered, and demonstrate the quality of this Slovakian product.

The material is a merino "bi-component", which is effectively a polyester-merino blend. It means that you get a durable top that will wash well and hold its shape; yet, it also holds many of the benefits of merino, like the soft feel and insulating properties. 

The Long Sleeve Jersey holds quite a premium price tag of 130EUR, placing this quite firmly in the upper price spectrum of long sleeve jerseys. That price is no doubt to cover the costs of high end fabrics and start-up design costs, but for some it may seem quite high.

Overall, the Isadore Apparel Long Sleeve is an interesting and unique piece of kit. I must admit, I'm not convinced about the colour, and it's a shame that my fit judgements were hindered by a sizing problem. That said, the quality and details in the design are superb, and it looks like Martin and Peter Velits could be producing some great apparel from their Slovakian base.

A slim fitting profile, with a cycling-specific cut.

Contrast colour elbow pads add to the classic looks

Branded logos on the collar show real style

Three rear pockets, and one concealed pocket for small valuables

I've found this zippered rear pocket ideal for keys and multitools


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