Review: Intrepid Apparel Gravity Jacket

Last week I reviewed the new Intrepid Apparel Pioneer Gilet, and mentioned how it had fast become one of my favourite winter warmers, both on and off the bike. In this review, I consider another recent addition to the UK brand's range, the Intrepid Apparel Gravity Jacket.  

The Gravity Jacket is designed to be the ultimate protective layer for when you hit the trails in UK winter conditions. It's a soft-shell jacket, with a soft jersey lining and a highly protective hood; it's packed out with neat features too, like side hand-warmer pockets that double as vents, and an easy to reach pocket for your lift pass on the sleeve. Whether you're heading out for another downhill run in the stinging rain, or nipping down to the shops, this jacket has all the components for a great piece of protective clothing.

The jacket has a relaxed but profiled cut, with a drop-tail rear hem and long sleeves, so that you're fully protected even when you're in a riding position. The lower hem has an elastic drawcord so you can adjust the waistband, whilst the cuffs have velcro tabs to seal around your gloves. This is a jacket made to seal out the elements. The hood is a real highlight in the quest for warmth and protection too; with a semi-rigid peak and a stiffened brim, it will help you keep out even the driving rain of the Scottish Highlands.  

Pocketing is extensive and well thought out. There's a large rear stash pocket that is big enough for a few spares or snacks, as well a napoleon chest pocket for valuables and a sleeve pocket for your lift pass. There should be enough stowage space that you could manage a few runs without needing to take a riding pack.

The outer of the jacket is a soft-shell material, which provides a waterproof and windproof layer. The inner is a soft jersey material, a bit like a cotton tee, and is extremely warm and comfortable against your skin. The combination of materials provides a great balance of soft insulation on the inner, and a durable outer shell.

I've only worn the Gravity jacket a handful of times on the bike, but it's worked extremely well. More often, I'm wearing it as a casual jacket; in this role is works superbly too. It's a relaxed, subtly styled and highly durable piece of kit, as well as being extremely comfortable. It won't break the bank either, retailing for a very reasonable £89.00; a price that is highly competitive compared to a lot of soft-shell jackets on the market.  

This seems to be another superb bit of kit from the Intrepid Apparel crew. It's a jacket designed in the UK, for UK conditions, and it excels in that role as a result. It is smart, warm, well-styled and should last numerous seasons of wear and tear. Whether you're dropping with 'Gravity' on the slopes of Fort William, or watching the pros from the drizzly sidelines, this is a great value jacket for sure. 

The black and red colour-way is subtle and durable
The hood is a real highlight, with a rigid peak and elastic drawcords
Little details like the fir tree tags on the zippers are a great touch
A lateral elastic drawcord on the hood ensure a close fit, even in windy conditions
Long sleeves and velcro cuffs let you get a good seal around your riding gloves
The side hand pockets double as vents, for when things get heated.
The soft jersey lining is warm, comfortable and durable
A great jacket for UK winter conditions.


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