Guest Review: Rude Health 'The Peanut' and 'The Beetroot'

Suz is a colleague of mine, and a keen 'natural nutrition advocate' too. I passed a few Rude Health bars her way to test out...


Rude Health is known for creating virtuous, healthier-than-healthy cereals and snacks. Their approach is nothing artificial and nothing refined. Just pure, wholesome goodness! I was lucky enough to be given the chance to try out two of their snack bars: The Beetroot and The Peanut.

Here’s how I got on...

The Beetroot Bar

The Beetroot Bar is literally just beetroot, dates, nuts, seeds and a weeny bit of oil. My first impression was that it looked and felt like a Nakd Bar – nice and dense, yet fudgy in texture. Thanks to the beetroot, it’s also got a curious pink hue. Beetroot can be bitter unless it’s mixed with something else so I wasn’t sure what to expect!

The addition of dates to the mixture made sure that it was love at first bite! There was a slight earthy aftertaste but it was needed to offset the sweetness of the dates. The texture was smoother than Nakd Bars – probably because Rude Health used ground almonds, rather than whole.

They’re low in calories (118 kcal per bar) so don’t expect them to fill you up for a long time, but they certainly fill a small gap before lunch. It’s worth noting that the Beetroot Bar is also wheat free, gluten free and dairy free – making it a rare snack that’s perfect if you’re vegan, vegetarian or coeliac.

The Peanut Bar

The Peanut Bar is just peanuts, dates, seeds, a dash of date syrup, a pinch of salt and a tiddly bit of oil. It wasn’t as smooth as The Beetroot Bar – this one can best be described as a hybrid of a Nakd Bar (in texture) and a 9 Bar (in flavour).

As soon as you sink your teeth into it, you get a satisfying bit of crunch. There’s enough for it to have a bit of substance, but not enough to give your jaw a workout. Perfection. Then the sweetness from the dates and date syrup gives an instant energy lift – handy for the 4pm lull.

As with The Beetroot bar, The Peanut bar doesn’t have that many calories (147 kcal per bar) so they aren’t something to use as a meal substitute, but they will stop you raiding the biscuit tin. For me, their small size is actually good - bear with me… I’m a big fan of 9 Bars but they’re pretty energy dense, so I end up chopping them up to make them snack-worthy. The Peanut Bar means that my days of hacking neatly-wrapped 9 Bars into smithereens, are over!

As an extra bonus, make sure that you read the wrapper. As a bit of extra feel good factor, the chaps and chapesses at Rude Health have put in some cheeky little comments, such as “don’t forget to also eat proper meals” and “eat right, stay brilliant”.

In a (pea)nut shell – it’s absolutely delicious.

Thanks Suz! Read more on Rude Health


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