Nutrition: Ride Hard, Recover Well, Ride Harder

Ride hard. Recover well. Then, you'll be able to ride harder the next time...

In order to do all three of these things though, you'll need to get your nutrition right. That involves taking on essential fast-release energy during your ride, and repairing your muscles with much needed protein once you've finished.

Many of my snacks and (what I would label) "instant nutrition" for these two objectives, come from the well reputed MaxiNutrition brand. I thought I would share my favourites...

MaxiNutrition ViperBoost Gels - 'The Kick'

Energy gels are so developed now, and so effective, that I don't take much else in the way of food when I'm racing. Anything shorter than three hours, and I find these little sugar rushes are the easiest and fastest acting form of energy.

The ViperBoost gels are some of the best I've tested (and I've tested a few!). They're effective, they're a good size, they taste great and they're easy on the stomach.

Packing 25 grams of carbohydrate and a small amount of sodium to help ward off cramps; for me, these are the optimal size energy gel. You can get away with taking one or two an hour when used in conjunction with energy drink, which means you don't need to develop the sticky-mouth syndrome that comes with trying to take onboard more than that over a prolonged period.

A great taste, a great kick; a great fuel for high intensity exercise.

MaxiNutrition ProMax Shake - 'Recover Right' 

Post ride shakes aren't something that have to be guzzled down as quickly as possible because they taste like powdered milk. It's possible to make super tasty ones too, which will help you to recover, and be enjoyable to drink, too.

The MaxiNutrition ProMax protein powder packs a serious 30 grams of high quality whey protein in each serving, and also contains BCAAs, Glutamine, Magnesium and Calcium to get your muscle and bone repair quickly on track.

Mix ProMax chocolate up like this, and you'll also have 'probably the best tasting protein shake in the world':
  • Add a banana, 1.5 scoops of ProMax, and two tablespoons of Drinking Oats to a Nutribullet.
  • Top-up to the max line, with milk or almond milk.
  • Blitz for 30 seconds
  • Enjoy!

MaxiNutrition Protein Snack Bars

There's no point in having healthy meals and good on-the-bike nutrition, if in-between times you fill yourself with unhealthy junk. Having a healthy snack bar is a good place to start.

The MaxiNutrition Protein bars are a compact and protein packed bar, which also satisfy that chocolate craving! They contain 10 grams of protein per bar, and are only 159 calories. 

Great for recovery and quite possibly the best tasting protein bar I've had (I think the slim caramel layer is the gold lining!). These will fill a hole, and help to repair those tired muscles; all whilst you sit at your desk having your morning coffee.

Three products, three purposes. Whether you need to fuel up, recover or banish those snack cravings, these are three nutrition additions I'd recommend.

Shop the MaxiNutrition range at (Link)


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