Review: Mission Athlete Cooling Towel

The Mission Athlete Cooling Towel utilises an interesting new technology, which allegedly can cool the area it is in contact with by 15 degrees Celsius.

The TechNit fabric used in the towel allows for rapid heat conduction, to water molecules that are held within the towel when soaked. The result, is that you can generate a great cooling effect when the towel is draped around your neck or over your head.

I thought this might be useful for hot turbo sessions, or racing in hot climates; so I've been giving it a test run...

The towel is pretty simple to use, you soak it in water, squeeze out the excess, and then 'snap' it tight three times; before draping it over yourself to cool.

I used it during some hot afternoons out in Mallorca, particularly when I had forgotten the sunscreen and was a bit pink. It seems to work, and has a notable cooling effect. I'm not quite sure what the "snap to activate" does, apart from shaking out excess water, but it does work better when you do it. It stays cool for a decent length of time too, even when it doesn't seem to hold a huge amount of water.

You could wear it as a bandanna, skull cap, or just wrap it around your neck like a scarf. A bit like a Buff, it's a versatile piece of kit.

If you suffer from getting very hot during turbo sessions, rides or spinning classes, then this could be worth trying out for yourself, and seeing if it helps to cool things down this summer.

View the MissionAthlete Towel at (Link)


  1. Thanks so much for the review Tim, we appreciate you taking the time. Glad to hear the towel is keeping you cool. Just to add some insight, snapping helps to activate the cooling properties of the towel because it spreads water throughout a unique capillary system within the fabric distribute moisture throughout. Snapping also promotes airflow through the towel's fibers but our proprietary fabric weave slows the rate of evaporation which promotes, (as you felt) a sustained cooling effect. Anyhow, that's how our cooling towel works. Hope that helps and thanks again for taking the time to review. We love feedback like this and would be happy to answer any more questions you might have.


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