Review – Swrve WWR Winter Softshell Trousers

Fleece-lined trousers... hell yeah! With the UK weather finally taking a turn, from 'wet and windy' to 'cold and clear', I thought it was about time I reviewed the rather luxurious and very practical Swrve WWR Winter Softshell Trousers.

Swrve kit never ceases to impress me, both in terms of its style and its longevity. I have Swrve jeans that are coming up to three years old, and still look perfectly wearable; in fact, I recently wrote a post on them and how they are 'Still Going Strong' (link).

I have previously experienced Swrve's WWR fabric in their Lightweight Skinny WWR Trousers; it is an innovative weatherproof material, which repels water and wind much like a Windstopper membrane. The lightweight trousers proved to be ideal for summer pursuits, including everything from early morning commuting to sailing trips; they provided a great fast-dry fabric that stretches with movement. Early in 2015 though, Swrve announced the release of their new WWR winter trousers: a fleece-lined softshell version, which would provide great comfort and protection in the colder months.

Having never owned a pair of fleece-lined trousers before, I wasn't sure what to expect when these arrived. Would they be comfortable in a variety of temperatures? Would they retain those great stretch properties of the lightweight WWRs? Would they be as durable as other Swrve products? The answer to all of those, fortunately, seems to be yes!

Warmth, Protection, Mobility and Durability

The first thing you notice pulling these 'pants' on (they are American designed and American made, after all), is that they are luxuriously soft and warm. Imagine the feel of a pair of fleecy jogging bottoms, but with the external appearance of a smart pair of chinos! Luxury.

The second thing you'll likely note, is that they feel like normal trousers, but just noticeably more insulating. As the pictures in this post show, I've used them for winter walks on the beach as well as winter cycling, and they've protected my legs from the windchill incredibly well. The WWR fabric also does an impressive job of repelling rain, grime and spray; all of which are plentifully present on winter roads and trails.

The third great feature, is mobility. These allow full freedom of movement with their four-way stretch fabric, and they have great articulated seams around the knees and waist; as well as a seamless gusseted crouch, to avoid uncomfortable seam-rub in the saddle. They have proven comfortable on even quite long commutes and running around town on the bike.

As I have come to expect with Swrve apparel, the Winter WWRs have also proven highly durable. The fabric deals well with brushing off dirt and downpours, but it also washes well on a standard machine wash. They don't seem to be losing their "15k waterproof, 15k breathable" properties any time soon, thankfully.

Style and Function

The Winter WWR Trousers do come in at quite a price (RRP £110), but then this is a high-end three-layer fabric and they are superbly made. They also feature a number of great styling and design ideas, which make them highly practical...

The lower cut front and higher cut rear of the waist band, helps to avoid any uncomfortable 'gaps'. The pocketing comes in generous form; with two pen pockets, a zippered rear pocket, a mini U-lock reinforced rear pocket and standard slanted front pockets. 

To go with the theme of durability, high quality YKK zippers are used throughout, and the reflective piping on the inner legs (shown with turn-ups) is the best you can get, from 3M. With triple stitching on the seams and tough metal buttons to finish them off, these really are feature-packed and built to last.


The comfort and warmth of your favourite pair of jogging bottoms, the durability of jeans, and the styling of a pair of smart chinos. These are superb. They do it all, and do it very well. Whether you're nipping across town in a hailstorm or sat at home in comfort, these are a great way to keep your legs comfortable and protected this winter.

View the Swrve WWR Winter Soft-shell Trousers at (Link)


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