Shooting From The Saddle - Capturing Your Adventures

Earlier this month, I considered the question of "Why do you ride?". I discussed how various things tempt me out onto the bike almost every day of the year, whatever the weather. One of the most notable motivations I identified, was a deep love of the outdoors; of experiencing nature and taking in the sights, sounds and fresh air, out on the road or trails.

One of the best things about the beauty of nature, is that you can capture it, share it and re-live it. Social media means that you can document and broadcast that early morning sunrise, dramatic gale battered coastline and late afternoon ride, on accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Take a photo or video, and save it for later.

I have experimented with a number of different devices to document Life In The Saddle, from point-and-shoot handy cams, to GoPros and camera phones. Out of them all though, for convenience, compactness, and because it always comes with me, I keep reverting back to the camera on my HTC Desire 626.

A camera phone is a great way to snap your 'journey', and document your adventures. You almost always have it with you, so it is always to hand; plus the auto-back up and quick uploads to social media make life easier than having an independent camera device.

The HTC Desire 626 has a decent 13MP camera, which is enough to capture most of those panoramic views and dramatic ride moments. The quality of cameras available on smartphones is impressive these days, and has gone a long way to fuelling the demise of the point-and-shoot camera. Auto settings are good too; then if you experiment, you can get even better results by adjusting levels and touching-up photos. There really is no excuse for not getting your phone out on that beautiful vista, and capturing your ride moment; we all enjoy seeing them.

To showcase what is possible with a good camera phone, I thought I would blog a few photos from recent rides. Perhaps they will fill you with the desire to get out there and do the same...

Low light conditions in winter provide some great images

A slight tweak on light levels brings out the highlights and waves on this photo

Some great colours in this photo, all captured from a smartphone
Cropped and edited, to bring out the contrast in sky colour as this weather front rolled in



  1. Great shots. I have a Moto G LTE Gen 1 where the camera is rather poor, but I don't have the money for flash smartphones. I have a bridge camera in my rucksack for nature shots though.


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