Still Going Strong... Swrve Indigo Cycling Jeans

Still going strong, two years on. Back in 2013 I reviewed the Swrve Indigo Cycling Jeans; they are the signature piece of apparel from the American brand, and superbly showcase the durable, stylish and practical attributes that I've found in all of the Swrve kit that I've tried to date.

The beauty of well-made apparel, is that it lasts. We all have a good quality pair of denims that have remained a staple of our wardrobe for months and months; even with hours of abuse, on and off the bike, they survive.

This month, I took ownership of my second pair of Swrve's signature Indigo Jeans. They are as finely made as the first pair that I tested in 2013; a real work of tailored art. Trying on this second pair alongside my first, got me thinking though... that first pair still look great! In fact, many would argue they've improved with age. An old versus new comparison seemed in order...

My well worn-in, but still great to wear, original Swrve Indigo Jeans

Box-fresh and still with that deep indigo colouring. My latest Swrve Cordura jeans.

In the top image, are my original pair of Indigo jeans; washed and worn more times than I could count. Below, the fresh new pair; not even one wash old. They are both great in their own way, and both definitely still "in use".

The washed-out look is fantastic for casual wear, and the Cordura used in the fabric mix in these jeans means that whilst they look "worn" they are not "worn-out". The dark indigo of the new pair by comparison, is smart enough to be worn as "smart casual" work-wear, and they really look the part with a shirt and your favourite piece of knitwear.

What I wanted to show here, is that quality kit does last. In truth, it is more often than not worth that extra initial investment. You can find out more about how I test kit on this page; but in brief, I wear it until it is worn out. There is no sign of these Swrve jeans doing that any time soon.

Quality durable kit, which is built to last and look great. Admirable stuff from the American brand.

View the Swrve range at (Link)


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