Coasts and Cols Tour - Day 8 - 'Onwards Towards Toulouse'

Gus rode out with me this morning, on the first northwards stretch to Carcassonne. We could chat for hours, and it was a great feeling to have him join me for the first part of this second leg.

After bidding him a fond farewell, and many thanks for his superb hospitality, I continued north - out of the city and into the hills.

The countryside here is so different from the Pyrenees; expanses of farm land, open fields and roads; as well as a plentiful supply of fresh figs, pears, plums and apples on roadside bushes and trees.

Despite a bit of a headwind, I was making good progress. The climb up the Montage Noir was a bit of an unexpected shock; but the views and descent from the top of the plateau were well worth the graft.

The afternoon passed by in a blur of fields, rivers and lush agricultural land. I stopped off for lunch at a boulangerie, and topped up on pizza and pastries.

By the time my clock ticked over 200 kilometres, with 10 left to do, the sun was setting. I reached the target though, and set up camp in some sheltered woodland. Another big mileage day ahead tomorrow...


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