Coasts and Cols Tour - Day 10 - 'Changing Landscapes'

This morning began in a Bordeaux vineyard; hidden amongst some derelict vines. By 9am, I had reached Blaye, on the Gironde estuary; I celebrated the sight of the sea with pastries and coffee.

Back on the road, my route took me through more beautiful Bordeaux wine country, and up to Royan - my first real west coast of France port of the trip. 

From Royan, I set a target of reaching Rochefort, for a late lunch. To meet this, I ended up pushing hard along the A-road; but it got me there, and I enjoyed a good meal of pâté and oat cakes, in the city park.

Not wanting to do any more dual carriageway action, I took the dedicated bike route from Rochefort to La Rochelle; it was a winding and often poorly surfaced option, but it made the most of the stunning coastline.

La Rochelle is an incredibly beautiful port; I must go back there on a boat. For this trip though, all I had time for, was a quick photo - then a fast escape northwards.

Now into the Vendee region, I'm surrounded by a new landscape again; one of flat farm pastures and wind farms, for miles around.

I pushed hard until it got dark, then opted to set up camp just south of Les Sables d'Olonne. Over 240 kilometres on the dial, and 10+ hours on the clock. A long day, but an enjoyable one.


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