Good Reads – Vélochef by Henrik Orre

Velochef by Henrik Orre
Vélochef by Henrik Orre provides an engaging and very readable insight into the world of professional cycling nutrition. As the chef for Team Sky—one of the world's most successful professional cycling teams, Henrik developed an extensive library of performance maximising meals and snacks—designed to provide one of the significant marginal gains Team Sky were well known for.

Henrik demonstrates how simple, natural, and flavourful meals are the key to success. Using ingredients that are easily processed by the body, his recipes are targeted at helping to fuel and repair/prepare the body for sport. From smoothies and juices, to rice cakes and risottos; these are simple and well known dishes, but with a real focus on natural performance ingredients.

The book is separated out into Pre-Vélo, Vélo, and Après Velo—each section providing a selection of recipes to keep your taste buds tingling and your legs firing on all cylinders. The recipes themselves are simple to follow—with basic easy-to-find ingredients; they are also beautifully illustrated, to inspire you to experiment and invest your time in proper nutrition.

Intertwined in the series of recipes there are interviews with professional cyclists that Henrik Orre has worked with; including Riche Porte, Emma Johansson and Edvald Boasson-Hagen. These short interviews outline how proper nutritional strategies have significantly helped these individuals, and how Henrik has personally provided tuition to these athletes in order to maximise their performance on the bike. It is a great addition to the book—adding context on how these simple recipes have been used to great effect.

Good nutrition is fundamental to a good performance in racing and training. For a cyclist, the phrase "you are what you eat" rings especially true. Henrik Orre's Vélochef outlines how easy and how important it is to 'fuel right'—filling your body with natural and nutritious creations. In a world of synthetic energy bars and drinks, this book provides an insight into the reality of professional nutrition—focussed far more on what real benefits you get from natural whole-food ingredients.

Vélochef is a recipe book, but it could provide you with a greater marginal performance gain than any set of carbon wheels or any piece of aero clothing. What you put into your body directly correlates to what you will be able to extract from it. Henrik Orre has helped Team Sky in maximising their performances—through Vélochef he could seriously help you, too.

Velochef by Henrik Orre
The recipe pages in Velochef are laid out in a simple readable format, and beautifully illustrated

Velochef by Henrik Orre
Simple, natural ingredients are the key to success - it is a theme that Henrik Orre pushes in Velochef

Velochef by Henrik Orre
Intertwined within the recipes are interviews with professional cyclists that have benefited from Henrik's tuition

Velochef by Henrik Orre
A beautifully presented and easily followed recipe book - Velochef is a great addition to any cyclist's library


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